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Lead-Based Paint Abatement and Inspection

List of Certified Lead-Based Paint Firms (pdf)- If you are interested in hiring a certified lead-based paint professional to inspect or work on your home, please review this list to identify professionals that work on individual residential properties.

List of Certified Lead-Based Paint Individuals (pdf)-A complete list of individuals certified in Oregon to conduct lead-based paint inspections & abatement. Some of the listed individuals are not available to work on individual residential properties. If you are interested in hiring a certified individual to inspect or work on your home, please see the list of certified firms above.

General Information

The Lead-Based Paint Program (LBPP) defines lead-based paint activities as inspection, risk assessment, or abatement of target housing (residential housing constructed prior to 1978) or child-occupied facilities built before 1978. The LBPP certifies and licenses firms performing or offering to perform these services and certifies and licenses individuals in the following five lead-based paint disciplines:

  • Inspector: Conducts surface-by-surface investigations to determine the presence of lead-based paint in buildings before, during, and after lead-based paint work. Performs inspections, take samples, and prepares reports explaining the results of the investigations.
  • Risk Assessor: Performs all the duties of an Inspector, and in addition, evaluates the types and severity of lead-based paint hazards before, during, and after lead-based paint work. Performs inspections and lead hazard screens, takes samples, interprets test results, and explains options for reducing lead-based paint hazards.
  • Project Designer: Oversees and evaluates lead-based paint work to ensure that contract plans and specifications are followed. Prepares abatement project designs, occupant protection plans, and abatement reports.
  • Supervisor: Implements and supervises lead-based paint abatement work practices.
  • Abatement Worker: Performs lead-based paint abatement work under the direction of a lead-based paint Supervisor.

Cost of Lead-Based Paint Services

The LBPP does not keep information on the rates charged by certified professionals. Costs vary depending on the firm and the type of work to be done. The Oregon Lead-Based Paint Program recommends getting cost quotes from several certified lead-based paint firms. In addition, please be aware that a conflict of interest may exist when the same company provides both an inspection or risk assessment, and abatement services.

Included in these lists are all those firms that have been both certified by the LBPP and licensed by the Construction Contractors Board to conduct lead-based paint activities in Oregon. No other individuals or firms are authorized to perform abatement work in Oregon. To verify Oregon Lead-Based Paint certification you may check the lists above or call the Lead-Based Paint Program at (971) 673-0440. To confirm that a contractor is licensed with the Construction Contractors Board visit their Web site at:, or phone (503) 378-4621.

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