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Oregon Revised Statutes and Administrative Rules

ORS and OARs

The Oregon Health Authority's (OHA) Lead-Based Paint Program regulates the activities of businesses, agencies and/or individuals who work with lead-based paint. All certification and regulatory requirements are developed from current laws.

The laws governing the activities and scope of the Lead-Based Paint Program are defined in the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) determine how those laws will be implemented.

The statutes and rules pertaining to the OHA's lead-based paint program include: 

Oregon Revised Statutes

ORS 431A.350 - Lead Poisoning

ORS 431A.353 - Definitions for ORS 431A.355 and 431A.358

ORS 431A.355 - Power of OHA to Regulate Lead-Based Paint Activities

ORS 431A.358 - Performance of Lead-Based Paint Activities Without Certification Prohibited

ORS 431A.363 - Civil Penalty for Violation of ORS 431A.355 or 431A.358

Oregon Administrative Rules

OAR 333-069 - Certification of Individuals and Firms Engaged in Lead-Based Paint Activities and Accreditation of Training Programs for Professionals Engaged in Lead-Based Paint Activities

OAR 333-070 - Pre-Renovation Education and Renovation, Repair, and Painting Activities Involving Lead-Based Paint.

Statutes and Rules governing the activities of Construction Contractors Board (CCB) of Oregon as they related to lead-based paint renovation and abatement include

ORS (701.505) - Definition for ORS 701.505 to 701.515

ORS (701.515) - Licensing System

OAR 812-007 - Licensing of Indivduals and Firms Engaged in Lead-Based Paint Activity 

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