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Inspection Response

Responding to Common Citations Resulting From a Tanning Inspection

The following is guidance for properly responding to the most common citations found during a tanning inspection. You must respond in writing to each item marked as a citation on the Inspection Finding Report. Please ensure that the corrective action(s) are completed by the date you submit your response.

You can download and print the Inspection Response Guidance (pdf) information.

If you have items that are out of compliance and you do not respond in writing with the corrective action taken within the stated time frame you will be subject to civil penalty in the amount(s) noted on the Inspection Finding Report.

Response due in 10 calendar days for the following citations:

  1. Registration of tanning device(s): Fill out the tanning registration form. Mail the form with the following information to 800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 640, Portland, OR 97232:
    • The completed tanning registration form
    • payment for the tanning device(s) ($100 for each device)
    Contact Sharon Ross, or 971-673-0509, with questions concerning registration

  2. Operator Training: Tanning operators need to complete training within 10 days of the inspection date. Copies of training certificates or proof of training completion for ALL tanning operators need to be mailed, faxed or emailed and received by RPS to complete your response. NOTE: All operators of registered tanning devices must successfully complete an approved tanning training course in the State of Oregon prior to commencement of tanning operations.

Response due in 30 calendar days for the following citations:

  1. Lamp equivalency charts: A lamp equivalency chart proves that the lamps required by the tanning device manufacturer are equivalent to the lamps that are currently in your tanning bed. Send a copy of each lamp equivalency chart that was missing with your written response. Double check your lamp equivalency chart to make sure it is correct and that you have the correct lamps in your tanning device. If you are missing a lamp equivalency chart, contact your lamp supplier for a copy or go online and find it yourself.  Note: Lamp equivalency charts are often mailed with the lamps. All beds list the required lamps on the sticker that lists the warnings and exposure requirements; this information is also listed in your bed manual. If the lamps you have installed are, in fact, not equivalent to the lamps that are required you will need to replace the lamps with equivalent lamps.

  2. Timer tests: Complete a timer test for each tanning device. Record test results on the Timer Test Record (pdf). Send a copy of the timer test as a part of your response. Remember timer tests must be completed and recorded once a year for each tanning device. Note: Use a stop watch to complete the timer test. Turn the stop watch on when the tanning device starts, and stop the stop watch when the tanning device turns off. Compare the time on the stop watch with the amount of time you set the device for. Both numbers need to be recorded (use minutes and seconds) on the Timer Test Record. Corrective action is required if the timer is off by + or - 10%.

  3. Skin typing: You must start skin typing your clients, by using the Skin Typing Chart (pdf). Have your client fill out the skin typing questionnaire and then verify they added the totals correctly. Write the skin type number on the client card or record on computer system. Submit in writing your plan of action for skin typing new customers and to update existing customers. Include copies of at least 5 client cards.

  4. Tanning device manuals: Send a copy of the FRONT PAGE ONLY of each tanning manual that was missing during the inspection. Keep in mind the whole manual must be available at your salon. Yes, it is ok to have an electronic version on the computer as long as ALL employees can access it. Note: If you are sending in multiple manual covers write the room number and the RAD-T number (Yellow State ID sticker) on the top of the page.

Remember the above citations are only the most common. If you have citations on your report and are unsure of how to respond, contact your inspector.

More Tips 

  • Don't forget to communicate with your inspector! If you are having trouble fixing any of the violations or your response will be delayed, contact your inspector by phone or e-mail to let them know why and when the violation(s) will be corrected. Communication is very important.
  • Send receipts: If a violation requires you to purchase an item (example: acrylic, sanitizer, pillows, etc.) send a copy of the receipt(s) with your written response to document that you have purchased the item(s).
  • Email, fax or mail your response: When emailing, faxing or mailing a response, clearly identify your facility name, location and the inspector that completed your inspection. This is to ensure that your response gets to the correct person.
  • Keep copies of your response for your files: Occasionally emails, faxes and mail do not reach us. Make sure you keep copies of your response in case you need to send it again.

If you have additional questions regarding the inspection and how to respond, contact your inspector.

Remember to respond in 10 days for Registration or Training violations, and 30 days for all other violations. Failure to respond appropriately to all items of non-compliance will subject you to civil penalties.

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