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Libraries and Cover Oregon

What's New?

Enrollment Deadline Extended
The enrollment deadline for Cover Oregon has been extended to April 30, 2014. Check out the FAQ for more information about enrollment options and federal penalties.
Upgraded PDF Application
Cover Oregon's online PDF application has received a few updates. It is now compatible with more web browsers and has been programmed so that consumers cannot skip fields that are required in a completed application. 
The PDF now works for the most current versions of Internet Explorer (IE 9 or higher) on PCs and Safari for Mac users, which are the standard browsers for those systems. Most PC users will have Internet Explorer and Mac users will have Safari available on their desktops, unless they deleted the programs after purchasing their computers. 
In addition to improved compatibility, the PDF application has been upgraded so that when users work on the application online and then click to submit it, an automatic check scans for 40 mandatory fields. The application will not submit until the applicant enters responses in those mandatory fields. This feature will reduce the number of incomplete applications, helping consumers complete the application and enrollment process more quickly.
Find the improved, online PDF application here: https://www.coveroregon.com/get-coverage/online.
Health Insurance and Libraries: A Cover Oregon Update Webinar 
  • Health Insurance and Libraries: An Oregon Update - Nikki Dettmar (PDF) (PPT)
  • Cover Oregon and Oregon's Libraries - Ariane Holm/Rob Sassor (PDF) (PPT)
  • Webinar Recording [files take a few minutes to download, please be patient!]




What is Cover Oregon?

Cover Oregon is a new online marketplace where Oregonians can shop for health insurance, choose from different health insurance companies to find plans that will fit their needs and budget, and access savings to help pay for coverage.  Small business owners may also use the exchange to identify health insurance options to offer their employees. Citizens will be able to enroll beginning October 1, 2013.
Cover Oregon is training and working with Community Partners and certified agents to provide enrollment assistance for citizens. Some libraries may want to become a certified Community Partner, while others may wish to collaborate with Community Partners in your local community. Some libraries may only want to point citizens to these organizations and resources. The level of participation is up to the individual library.

Planning Library Activities

The State Library has created a planning model to assist libraries in planning activities related to Cover Oregon. Libraries can choose to participate in any activities at any level.
One way to determine the level of participation appropriate for your library is to review the demographic data of the uninsured in your area. The Oregon Health Insurance Survey is a good source for this data.
Need an outreach idea? Why not host an open house to bring together local community partners and certified agents with citizens. Check out these tips for hosting an open house.

Promotional Materials

To order free Cover Oregon promotional materials, register at the Cover Oregon Print Store
Materials currently available:
  • General Brochure
  • Fact Sheet - Individuals & Families
  • Fact Sheet - Small Business

Many materials are also available online in PDF format, including factsheets in multiple languages.


Training Opportunities

To get a good overview of Cover Oregon, register for their online training. It takes about 1 hour to complete.  After completing the online training, you will be offered the option to attend a 4 hour in-person training session in your area. While oriented toward organizations wishing to be certified as Community Partners, you can participate in the training without taking the final step of certification.
Health Insurance and Libraries: A Cover Oregon Update Webinar
  • Health Insurance and Libraries: An Oregon Update - Nikki Dettmar (PDF) (PPT)
  • Cover Oregon and Oregon's Libraries - Ariane Holm/Rob Sassor (PDF) (PPT)
  • Webinar Recording [files take a few minutes to download, please be patient!]
Nikki Dettmar, Education and Assessment Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Regional Office
Ariane Holm, Senior Public Relations Specialist, Cover Oregon
Rob Sassor, Senior Associate, Metropolitan Group
"Metropolitan Group is a strategic and creative social change agency that is working with Cover Oregon to help Oregonians learn how they can benefit from the increased access to health insurance that Cover Oregon provides."

Identify Local Organizations for Collaboration

Find community partners or certified agents to provide citizens with enrollment assistance. Unable to find a partner or agent in your area? Please contact ​1-855-268-3767.
You may also contact your county’s health department to identify potential partners.
Another good way for libraries to connect with partners actively conducting outreach is to attend a regional collaborative meeting. Look for a Local Collaborative Meeting in your area. 

Marketing Materials and Other Resources

Flyers and brochures about Cover Oregon can be found in the Materials Library on the Cover Oregon web site.
There is a great deal of general information about the health insurance marketplaces associated with the Affordable Care Act on federal web sites.
The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region, has also gathered Affordable Care Act resources on their web site. 


Please contact Arlene Weible, Electronic Services Consultant, 503-378-5020.