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March 17 2009 Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
TBABS Advisory Council Meeting Oregon State Library March 17, 2009
Council Members Present: Annis Holsworth, Gail Gibbard
Council Members via Telephone: Frank Synoground, Sharon Baker, Leone Holden, Carolynn Avery, Kitt Jordan, Art Stevens (stand in)
Guest: Kathy Seifert (Dept. of Ed as a Braille transcriptionist)
OSL Staff Present: Jim Scheppke, Susan Westin, Elke Bruton, Diana Purdie
No agenda changes Motions to approve previous minutes, all were in favor.
Election of Chair 
Frank Synoground is serving as vice chair (today only) and made a call for nominations.
Frank and Carolynn were nominated. A voice roll call was taken. Frank was elected chair and Carolynn will serve as vice-chair.
Old Business
Long Range Plan – was taken to the Board of Trustees in December and was passed as written. At the November Advisory Council meeting a question was asked about possibly having the Chautauqua lectures recorded, this request was taken to GRES and it was decided that good recording would not be attainable. A question was raised of tuning into the lectures via telephone this might be possible but it would be the person’s financial responsibilities for the charges
State Librarians Report 
Budget- The State Librarian updated the Advisory council on the 2009-2011 budget. The Legislative Fiscal Office has requested a 30% reduction plan. As part of the reduction plan, the State Librarian proposed that the salary of a State Library Specialist I will be paid by the interest from the Endowment Fund. The cost will be approximately $85,000 for the biennium. Would this cover and SLS1 position for one biennium – Yes What would happen at the end of the biennium? This is not sustainable there will be little left because of the proposed use of interest for the digital program, this position would need to go back to general funds at the end of the biennium, this is just a shifting of funding, not laying off staff. Next biennium could there be a risk of losing staff? – Yes A motion to support the State Librarian’s recommendation was passed.
The State Librarian informed the Advisory Council of Senate Bill 849. This bill would require the Public Utility Commission to provide funding for NFB-NEWSLINE, the audio newspaper service, using an existing surcharge that they already collect from consumers of telephone services. A motion was passed to request the State Library Board to support SB 849 so long as passage of the SB 849 would not harm other worthwhile programs funded by the surcharge.
TBABS Manager Report 
The Data Base Call Plan goal was to contact 75% of our patrons. In 2008, 4,293 of our patrons were contacted reach 81% of database. The Data Base Call Plan is continuing for 2009 with “theme” months i.e.: new patrons, excess equipment, inactive, blocked. The Customer Satisfaction Survey took place in February and we were ranked 98.7% good or excellent. A question was asked if the Braille users were separated in this survey and the answer is no. A question was asked it the number of patrons has changed, and the answer was no, and also asked was how many Braille users are there. Currently there are 107 people signed up for Utah Braille, 77 for Web Braille, and 80 Braille newsletters. The Fall appeal was sent out in November, $31,495 was collected that is up by $133 from last year. The Calendars are down $6000 from last year. The next appeal is going out in April and we are hoping for $28,000.
Digital Update 
The State Library Board approved the use $150,000 from the interest of the TBABS Endowment Fund for the purchase of digital talking players and related supplies. The State Library went before the Legislative Emergency Board which approved the proposal with the stipulation the Department of Administrative Services will need to agree to release the money in our budget before purchases are made. On February 27, 2009, the National Library Service released a report of the projected digital player allocation to states. According to the report Oregon will receive 312 standard players and 80 advanced players per month in the first four months or distribution. After four months, the allocation will drop to 240 standard players and 56 advanced players per month. With our current patron base and this distribution level from NLS, the staff estimated that we will be able to meet the Board’s goal for transition TBABS customers who want a digital player within 18 months, and we will not need to purchase players. However, due to the limited number of books available on cartridges, TBABS is proposing to redirect the funds for purchasing players to building the digital talking book collection and related infrastructure. The Advisory Council reviewed and approved the attached expenditure proposal that totals $79,620.
Open Forum 
Annis- The email that was sent out had an incorrect phone number – this will be corrected.
Art – Has the library ever thought of getting hold of local colleges and set up a cooperative work experience program?
Currently we are involved in programs like this with Chemeketa. A discussion of the Braille coin and the grants that will be available from that, and can we promote this. It was discussed that this could be promoted on the listserv.
Annis – A girl from the School for the Deaf won the Poetry Outloud contest and will compete in April.
Jim – There have been hearings and if there were a need in the future, he would hope that members of the council come to Salem to testify how important this service is.
Next Meeting Date 
May 19th at 10:00 am.
There will be two small groups for this meeting, one at OSL and one at the commission in Portland.
Meeting adjourned at 11:14