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Patron Handbook
The equipment you receive from Talking Books is yours on extended loan for as long as you use the service.  If for any reason you do decide to cancel your service, you will need to return all equipment.
Our main piece of equipment is the Digital Talking Book Machine (DTBM), which comes in either a standard or advanced model.  This special player is required to play the books you receive from us, since the books are encrypted to avoid unlicensed copying.  We loan one DTBM to each patron who signs up.  There are also several accessories that work with the DTBM we can send you if you’re interested.
·      Digital Talking Book Machine
The DTBM is a lightweight audio book player that includes the following features:
-         Plays NLS digital books on cartridge, as well as downloaded books from BARD, DAISY audio files, MP3 files, and WMA files.
-         High-contrast, soft rubber colored buttons that talk back when pressed
-         Standard headphone jack and USB port along the right side
-         Built in 20-30 hour rechargeable battery and electrical cord
-         Built in audio users guide
-         Bookshelf feature for accessing multiple books on a cartridge or flash drive
-         Adjustable speed and tone controls
-         Remembers where you left off in a book, even if you remove the book from the player
-         No need to rewind books before returning them
The DTBM comes in two models: Standard and Advanced.  The Standard Model has all the basic controls needed to play a book.  The Advanced Model is the same as the Standard Model in every way except it has an extra row of 5 buttons that give users more options for navigating through books.
·      Accessories
-         Over-the-ear headphones that plug into the DTBM’s standard 3.5mm headphone jack.
-         For readers who need them in order to use the program, such as readers in nursing homes, hospitals, and schools.
Pillow Speaker
-         A special speaker placed under a user’s pillow that projects sound only through the pillow.
-         Only available to patrons who are confined to bed.
USB Port Adaptor
-         Allows flash drives to lie flush along the edge of the DTBM instead of sticking straight out.
-         Recommended for patrons who use BARD and load their books onto flash drives.
If any of your equipment is not working properly, please contact us at 800-452-0292 or tbabs.info@state.or.us.  Try to be as detailed as possible about the issue.  For example, instead of saying, “The player has stopped working,” say, “The battery has stopped holding a charge,” or “When I press the buttons there is no audio response.”  This information can help us identify problems and suggest solutions.  DO NOT try to repair the equipment on your own.
Here are some general suggestions for handling your equipment:
-         Keep all the boxes your equipment comes in.  You can use it to return equipment if it ever needs to be repaired or replaced.
-         If your equipment needs to be cleaned, only use a slightly damp cloth or a mild cleaner like 409 or Simple Green on the outside casing.
-         Keep the DTBM you have been given.  Each player is barcoded and sent to a specific patron.  Trading equipment will cause problems if it needs to be returned.
-         Report lost, damaged, or stolen equipment as soon as possible.  We don’t charge replacement or repair fees.
-         Always call before returning equipment for any reason.  There are a variety of reasons people return equipment, and usually returned equipment requires an action on our part.  If we know why you are returning your equipment, we can respond appropriately as quickly as possible