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Public Records Request Information & Forms

Applicable Statutes or Administrative Rules
ORS 192.368 - 192.505
The Oregon Board of Accountancy is subject to requirements of the Oregon Public Records Law (ORS Chapter 192). Information that licensees are required to submit as a condition of licensing is a matter of public record. Under Oregon Public Records Law the Board is required to provide a copy of public records upon written request.
Licensees are required to submit both a business and home address to the Board of Accountancy and to designate the official address, to which all correspondence is mailed. Licensees may designate a post office box as the official address so long as a street address is also provided. Only the PO Box is listed as the official address.
In response to a public records request for a list of licensees and their addresses, the Board provides the licensee´s official address as it is listed in the Board database.  There is a provision in the public records law that exempts an individual´s home address from disclosure only if the individual requesting the exemption can demonstrate that public release of the home address would endanger the personal safety of the individual or the personal safety of a family member residing with the individual.   Licensees who are concerned about privacy but do not qualify under the personal safety exemption, may designate their work address or a PO Box as the official address. ORS 192.368

The Public Records Law expressly authorizes a public body to establish fees “reasonably calculated to reimburse the public body for the public body’s actual cost of making public records available.”  ORS 192.440(4)(a).  For a breakdown of the calculation of fees please refer to DAS statewide policy, number 107-001-030, Exhibit B: Statewide Standardized Fee-Schedule.   A public body has the authority to charge a fee in excess of $25 only if it first provides a written cost estimate to the requestor and receives confirmation that the requestor wants the public body to proceed with responding to the request.  ORS 192.440(4)(c).  A public body may require payment of the estimated cost prior to issuance of the records requested.

To file a public records request, a completed Public Record Request Form must be submitted to the Board by mail, fax or email.

If a payment is required, it must be received and processed before the requested records are released. The Board of Accountancy accepts Visa or MasterCard, personal or company checks.
To submit a request please complete the Public Record Request Form and use the payment portal, email to, fax to 503-378-3575 or mail to:
Oregon Board of Accountancy
200 Hawthorne Ave SE Ste D450
Salem, OR 97301-5289

If you have questions about making a public records request, please contact Board staff by email at or by phone directly at 503-378-4181.