Oregon Home Care Commission

HCW Training Committee 

PSW Training Committee 

Workforce Development Workgroup

The Oregon Home Care Commission (OHCC) recognizes the need to increase the number of available homecare and personal support workers in the registry to support the current and growing need for Oregon’s Aging and People with Physical and/or Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness populations. The Oregon Home Care Commission, its Registry and Developmental Disability/Mental Health Committees, have made Workforce Development their focus. OHCC is working closely with state and outside stakeholders to fulfill the Workforce Development goals created by the passing of Senate Bill 774.  

Registry Committee

The Oregon Home Care Commission developed, implemented, and manages a Registry and Referral System (RRS) that matches employers with available homecare workers. The Registry Committee provides guidance and makes recommendations to the Commission. This committee has representatives from SEIU, 04AD, SPD, and consumers. This committee meets quarterly.

Developmental Disabilities/Mental Health Committee

House Bill 3618 requires that the Oregon Home Care Commission create a Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health Committee.


Reasonable accommodations will be provided as needed for individuals requesting assistive hearing devices, sign language interpreters or large-print materials. Individuals needing these types of accommodations should contact staff at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting (503-378-4984).​​