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Oregon Home Care Commission

​​​​Employer Resource Connection (Formerly Known as STEPS)

Our Employer Resource Connection Program is free for individuals who have been approved to receive in-home services through Medicaid or Oregon Project Independence. Consultants guide and provide a variety of services such as:

  • Helping to create a profile on the Registry
  • Helping to create interview questions​
  • Holding mock interviews to build interviewer skills
  • Helping to create a back-up plan in case a worker is unable to make a shift
  • Helping to learn how to keep professional boundaries with a worker
  • And much more!

Consultants may provide, at no cost, a variety of printed materials that assist in developing goals, managing services, and maintaining a safe environment for employer and employee.

  • Consumer-Employer Training Guide: Being a Successful Employer​
    • Contains information on how to be a successful employer of a worker.
  • Resource Sheets—Quick reference sheets instead of the guide.​
    • ​​Figuring Out What I Need
    • Creating a Help Wanted Ad
    • Interview Resource Sheet
    • Is This the Right Worker For Me?
    • Warning Signs of an Unacceptable Worker
    • How to Develop a Back-Up Plan
  • Tools to help you manage your services
    • Interview Questions
    • Back-Up Plan​
    • Daily Sign-In
    • Weekly Schedule
    • Performance Evaluation
    • Household Safety Checklist
    • Emergency Planning Checklist
    • Emergency To-Go Checklist

Consultants who work with older adults and people with physical disabilities may be found on the Employer Resource Connection​ Older Adults and People with Physical Disabilities ​Contacts​ web page.

Consultants who work with individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities may be found on the Employer Resource Connection​ for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health issues​ Contacts​ web page.

Contact the Oregon Home Care Commission Employer Resource Connection (formerly known as STEPS) at 877-867-0077 and listen to options, or email ohcc.erc@odhsoh​