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To learn more about joining the homecare and personal support worker workforce please visit the Workforce Development website​.

About Workforce Development

The Oregon Home Care Commission (OHCC) recognizes the need to increase the number of available homecare and personal support workers in the  registry to support the current and growing need for Oregon’s Aging and People with Physical and/or Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness populations. The Oregon Home Care Commission, its Registry and Developmental Disability/Mental Health Committees, have made Workforce Development their focus. OHCC  has a team of staff working to make the Workforce Development plan come to fruition.

OHCC is working closely with state and outside stakeholders to fulfill the Workforce Development goals created by the passing of Senate Bill 774. These stakeholders include but are not limited to the Workforce Investment Council of Clackamas County, Workforce Investment Councils statewide, consumers and commissioners, Oregon Association on Aging and Disabilities (OAAD), self-advocates, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), community colleges around the State of Oregon, and other community organizations.

This Workforce Development plan's focus is on attracting the right talent to the workforce, improving worker retention by offering a career lattice with opportunity for advancement, improving orientations and onboarding to interested Homecare and Personal Support Workers, and recruiting second career workers, as well as recent graduates to the workforce.

 OHCC has already held Homecare and Personal Support Worker recruitment events, adding over 100 new Homecare and Personal Support Workers to the workforce. These events allow participants to learn more about what a Homecare/Personal Support Worker does, fill out all the necessary paperwork, complete a background check and orientation, as well as learn about the registry.


For more information on the Oregon Home Care Commission’s Workforce Development Plan, to participate as a stakeholder in the Worker Classification-Workforce Development Committee, or to attend the next Homecare and Personal Support Worker Recruitment Event in your area, send an email to Workforce.Development@state.or.us​ or call 877-624-6080 Select, option #2.

OHCC Workforce Development Plan

OHCC Workforce Development Plan

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