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ADRC Dementia Training

Aging Services and Supports for People Living with Dementia - ADRC Dementia Training. These web-based trainings were developed by Portland State University based on input and piloting by Oregon ADRC partners. Individual may view these trainings on their own; however group viewing and discussion using the provided Companion Guides is encouraged. Please be sure to complete the brief feedback survey at the end of each module, and the assessment at the end of each Tier.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia

Serious Mental Illness and Dementia​​



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Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA)

Options Counseling

Older Adult Behavioral Specialists training and resources

Portland State University's Institute on Aging has created training modules intended for state-funded Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialists, located around the state. These modules can be used in creating local linkages and safety net resources for older people who need help. The eight modules include YouTube training videos, Companion Guides, Participant Companion Guides (Resources), and PowerPoints. Access these materials online.

Options Counseling Best Practices

Check for Safety and What You Can Do to Prevent Falls are from the CDC Website. Theoretically, you can order them from the site, but they have always been out of stock when we have tried, so we printed the short version in-house and have sent the larger "What you can do to prevent falls" to the printer. Staff would use one or the other depending on situation.

The word document 'home safety checklist' was developed by the Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant that NWSDS has on staff that does assessments for the Otago program. They have initial buy-in from staff to use it as every home visit and then use one of the other PDF handouts as support during the discussion.  

TBD - NWSDS is also working on a colored picture sheet of common durable medical equipment supplies to use as a visual aid when meeting with consumers. They are hoping that it will help them understand "transfer bath bench" etc., and lead to greater follow-up to obtain aids or ask MD for PT referral, etc.

State Plan on Alzheimer's Disease in Oregon (SPADO):

The State Plan on Alzheimer's Disease in Oregon (SPADO) released in July 2012 included a recommendation (Recommendation 2.B) to "Develop a dementia capable licensed healthcare workforce". The workgroup to address this recommendation started meeting in 2013, and decided early on to focus on developing tools and protocols for clinicians to screen and diagnose for dementia. The workgroup also recognized that the person living with dementia and their care partners are also essential members of the care team.

To that end this workgroup decided to work on develop the three following tools attached to this email:

  • Clinical Provider Roadmap – provides guidance for physicians and other clinicians to screen and diagnose dementia.
  • Concerned About Dementia – for people who may be concerned that they or a loved one has cognition issues.
  • After A Dementia Diagnosis: What To Do Next – provides resources and tips on what things should be considered after they receive the diagnosis. For this tool, the topics that are underlined mean that there links that they can click on to get information related to those topics.

The tools that are most likely to be used by ADRC staff are two tools geared towards people living with dementia and their care partners, but thought it would be good share the clinical provider tool as well. These tools can be accessed at and are in the process of being placed on the website. We do have nice color copies as well. If you would like copies, please email Jan Karlen at or call her at 503-630-4605, ext. 231. 

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