The Older Americans Act of 1965 states as one of its 10 objectives that “Congress hereby finds and declares that, in keeping with the traditional American concept of the inherent dignity of the individual in our democratic society, the older people of our Nation are entitled to … freedom, independence, and the free exercise of individual initiative in planning and managing their own lives, full participation in the planning and operation of community based services and programs provided for their benefit, and protection against abuse, neglect, and exploitation.” (Title I, Section 101, objective 10).​

On this page you can find adult abuse prevention tools for carrying out this Older Americans Act objective for all Oregon adults.

What is adult abuse?

Adult abuse is the abuse of any older adult aged 65 and over and adults with developmental or physical disabilities or mental illness under the age of 65. Find more information about adult abuse, neglect and financial exploitation.

Adult Abuse Prevention Programs

Oregon Department of Justice - Consumer Protection / Financial Fraud
The Consumer Protection section of the Oregon Department of Justice receives consumer complaints to identify and eliminate threats to Oregon consumers.  A consumer complaint form can be found via this link.

Oregon Office of Adult Abuse Prevention and Investigations
The Oregon Office of Adult Abuse Prevention and Investigations conducts investigations into alleged abuse and neglect of seniors and people with disabilities. Multiple resources for the prevention, detection, and reporting of adult abuse are available at this site.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman The Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman is an independent state agency providing advocacy and complaint investigation for Oregon’s citizens living in nursing facilities, residential care facilities, assisted living facilities, and adult foster care homes.

Oregon Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance Program (SHIBA) SHIBA provides free services to educate, assist, and serve as advocates for Oregonians with Medicare.  SHIBA volunteers help people with Medicare understand their rights and options in health insurance so that they can make informed choices.​​


Report a​​buse and neglect​

If you suspect abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of an elderly person or an adult with physical disabilities, report abuse or neglect to the Department of Human Services office in your area.

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