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Gatekeeper programs train employees of community businesses and organizations to recognize and refer at-risk older adults and people with disabilities to the ADRC.

The original Gatekeeper program was developed by the Spokane Mental Health Elder Services Program in Washington State, and has been adapted and replicated nationally and internationally.

The program provides basic training to postal workers, meter readers, financial institutions, emergency responders, social service agencies, and others in how to recognize warning signs and make a referral to the ADRC.

ADRC information and assistance staff arrange for a follow-up call, visit or appropriate referral to check on the referred individual and provide needed support.

NEW - Training Video - Don't Let Seniors and People with Disabilities Fall through the Cracks

Establishing a New Gatekeeper Program

Gatekeeper Statewide Expansion and Implementation​

Sample Gatekeeper Materials and Resources

Available Training


Sample Referrals