Legal Services Development Program

Access to legal services has been deemed by Congress to be an essential component in the ability of older persons to lead lives that are independent, healthy, and safe. As mandated by the OAA, legal assistance services are one of the many services offered via Oregon's local Area Agencies on Aging. To deliver these services, the Area Agencies on Aging contract with local legal services providers.

To ensure that legal assistance services are provided for these priorities, a Legal Assistance Developer exists in each state. The role of the Legal Services Developer is to coordinate the provision of legal services under the OAA, and provide support to the areas agencies on aging and the legal assistance providers with which the agencies have contracted.

Legal Assistance Services

Legal services are available for seniors with a social or economic need through local Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) and are available for legal issues related to:
  • Income and public benefits
  • Housing
  • Guardianship actions
  • Long-term care
  • Health care
  • Protection from abuse or neglect
  • Utilities
  • Age discrimination

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Protections From Garnishments

Are You Afraid Creditors Will Garnish Your Bank Account? You May Be Able To Protect Your Funds!

Advanced Directives in Oregon

An advance directive is a written declaration that allows you to prepare for the possibility of becoming incapable of expressing your health care wishes. It allows you to declare, in advance, a set of instructions that explain whether medical professionals should continue beneficial and life-sustaining treatment or remove life support systems.   

Advanced Directive Resources in Spanish 

Hay muchos recursos para las personas que hablan español

Resources for AAAs and providers

Regulatory authority

Program standards

Resources / tools

  • Purpose of Title IIIB Providers - Administration on Aging
  • Targeting Clients Most in Need
    The Older Americans Act explicitly provides that OAA funds used for legal assistance must go to "older individuals with economic or social needs." The federal Office of Human Development Services has interpreted this requirement as barring use of a client's income or resources as a condition for providing legal advice to those clients served with OAA funds (see 42 CFR 1321.71(d) & (e)). This link provides a 2003 article by The Center for Social Gerontology describing techniques to those with the greatest economic or social need without use of a means test.
  • National Legal Resource Center
    Developed by the Administration on Aging, the NLRC is a collaborative effort providing legal support to the aging advocacy network.

Additional Information

Helping another person make decisions. An overview of guardianships, conservatorships and other decision-making arrangements.

Elder and Vulnerable Adult Rights and Abuse Prevention