Seniors and People With Disabilities

Adults Participating in TANF

Jobs program - The Job Opportunity and Basic SKills (JOBS) program is an employment and training program for participants in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

Young Adults and Teens

Independent Living Programs (ILP) - The DHS child welfare Independent Living Program (ILP) is designed to assist youths who are or were in foster care to become independent adults. Youth served must be age 14 or older.

Doing Business with DHS

The Department of Human Services, Office of Contracts and Procurement (OC&P) is responsible for purchasing and contracting for services, equipment and supplies. OC&P provides statewide contract and procurement services for the DHS and some of its partners. The OC&P team accomplishes this by employing a skilled and diverse workforce which is committed to providing exceptional quality service to our employees, partners and vendors. Visit the OC&P website to find more information about doing business with DHS.

Volunteering with DHS

There are many volunteer opportunities that help serve DHS clients and staff. Volunteers are recruited and placed in jobs that help to meet community and DHS customer needs and provide personalized ways to help DHS clients, staff, offices, and communities in a wide variety of ways. Find more about volunteering with DHS.​

Jobs at DHS

""If you are interested in working for the Department of Human Services (DHS) you will find postings for all current openings on the Oregon state jobs website.