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Shipping Plant Material


​​​​​If you are a pine grower shipping to California or Montana, you must participate in this trapping program to meet their quarantine requirements. 

More information about EPSM trapping and requirements: ​2024 EPSM Application Letter.pdf

Applications for trapping:

​​​​​ ​​2024 EPSM Application.pdf

2024 EPSM Solicitud (español).pdf

​Shipping requirements

  • Contact ODA to arrange field inspections prior to harvest and certification. 
    • Provide at least five (5) days notice before the actual shipping date when requesting certificates.
  • Complete an electronically filed application on the Phytosanitary Certification Issuance and Tracking System (PCIT) for shipments out of the US and for states with this requirement.
  • Submit a list to ODA including all growers and growing locations from which Christmas tree harvest and shipping will occur.

Inspections and certifications are provided by ODA. All shipments require a shipping permit available from ODA, but only a few destinations require phytosanitary certificates.

Shipping cut Christmas trees to states and territories within the US

  • All bills of lading, invoices, and bills of sale should bear county of origin, as well as the name and address of the shipper. 
  • All shipments of Christmas trees grown in Oregon are required by Oregon law to be accompanied by a shipping permit.

Importing trees and shrubs - required notifications

Recipients of tree and nursery stock imported into the state of Oregon from any out-of-state source are required to notify the Oregon Department of Agriculture.​​

Please refer to our notification guidelines​​ here: ​Notifications​

Compliance Agreements for Christmas Tree Gr​​owers

Refer to the Christmas Tree Shipping Guide to learn more about the requirements and additional ​forms needed to ship to domestic and international locations.

2023 Christmas Tree Shipping Guide.pdf

​​**NOTE: Abies can be shipped to British Columbia with a phytosanitary certificate between November 1st and January 31st. The ODA has clarified the requirements with the USDA and CFIA regarding this shipping requirement.​

Some of these programs commence in the summer. For additional details about these programs, please contact your Nursery Inspector or Nursery Contact Email (503-986-4644) 

2023 Christmas Tree Inspection and Certification Request Form.pdf

​Required if you need a shipping permit for your trees

2023 Christmas Tree Shaking and Compliance Agreement.pdf

​​​Required for shipments to Mexico, Hawai'i, and Guam

2023 Christmas Tree Exotic Phytophagous Snail Certification.pdf

​Required for shipments to Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, and North Carolina

European Pine Shoot Moth Application .pdf

Required for shipments to California, Hawai'i, and Montana​

​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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