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Records General Account Information

Telephone Inquiries

  • To use DMV's Interactive Voice Response System (for driver records only) call 503-945-5300. You will need the IVR User Guide, a touch-tone telephone, your account number and IVR password, and an Oregon Driver’s License number.
  • For telephone inquiries with a live agent, call Customer Assistance for Account Holders at 503-945-5310. You will need to provide your name, business name, account number, and web PIN.

Ordering Driver Records

To order a driver record you can:

Contact Information

  • For assistance with the Automated Reporting Service, call 503-945-5427.
  • For questions regarding the status of a record request, call Record Services at 503-945-5308.
  • For general billing questions or questions regarding DMV2U, call 503-945-5310.
  • For questions regarding your account, or for IVR password assistance, call 503-945-7950, or email DMV Records Policy.

Account Information Changes

  • To request a change in your business name, address, or contact person, please send the request for changes in writing on company letterhead. The letter must be signed by a current contact person/account administrator, or the person who signed the most recent application.  The certification on a Record Inquiry Account is VOID whenever the signer of a certification or an application is no longer with the business and did not sign off on a replacement prior to their departure.
  • Requests for changes can be emailed to DMV Records Policy or faxed to 503-947-4065.  Please do not send any request for changes with your monthly payments as the department who receives your payments cannot make the change.

Billing Information

  • Billing is on a 30 day cycle. When an account is 30 days overdue, a temporary hold will be placed on the account until the past due portion is paid.
  • DMV will supply summary billings only by type of record.
  • Payments can be made by mail or through your DMV2U online portal.  Payments will not be accepted by phone.
  • If you mail your payment, please enclose the bottom portion of the invoice. Checks should be made payable to “Oregon DMV.”

Rules for Account Holders

  • The contact person or account administrator you have assigned is the person DMV will contact if there is a question regarding your account or a request for records.  Anyone asking for your business account number, web PIN, or password will be referred to your contact person.
  • You must notify DMV in writing within one business day if your business closes or if you want to close your account, and within ten working days if your business has a change in ownership, signatory person, contact person/administrator, address or any other changes to the account.
  • Protect your account number, web PIN and password from unauthorized access.  Notify DMV as soon as possible if you need to change your password. You are liable for all use and charges on your account.
  • Logons created on DMV2U are for individual use. Usernames and passwords are not to be shared or used by anyone else other than the individual user.
  • If an employee leaves your business, you must deactivate their access to DMV2U.
  • Use of the account must comply with Oregon’s Record Privacy Law as outlined for the entity type your account is qualified under.  Personal use is not allowed.  You may not use this account on behalf of any other business or individual.
  • If you knowingly misuse personal information, and/or if personal information is obtained or redisclosed improperly, you may be subject to criminal prosecution or a civil action.
  • Per ORS 802.181, you may only resell or redisclose personal information (driver license, permit or ID card number, name, address, and telephone number) to a person or government agency authorized to receive it by Oregon DMV.  This means that before you resell or redisclose personal information after you have used it, the person or government agency must first contact DMV Records Policy directly for approval.  If you resell or redisclose personal information to someone who has not been authorized by DMV to receive it, your account may be closed and you may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.
  • Under OAR 735-010-0020 (12), a Record Inquiry Account holder must keep a record for 5 years that contains:
    • The DMV record accessed;
    • The personal information used;
    • The permitted purpose for which this personal information was used;
    • Whether this information was released to another person; and If released, how the person is eligible to receive personal information. 
Your account can be closed due to the following reasons:
  • Misuse of your account;
  • You no longer qualify to receive personal information from DMV records;
  • The documentation you provided (such as a business license) expires, or is suspended or revoked;
  • Your account balance has been delinquent for four months and your account is not paid within 15 days of written notification by DMV;
  • DMV receives notice of bankruptcy regarding your business; or
  • You do not submit an application to requalify your account when due.
       Note: A $70 fee will be required if the account is eligible to be reopened.

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