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Changing Your Address


When to Notify DMV

You are required to notify DMV within 30 days of changing your address. 

Personal Address Change

You can change your address: 

Your voter registration information will be updated unless you state that you do not want it changed.

Note: Starting January 1, 2020, DMV will no longer issue address stickers for your driver license, permit or ID card. You will not have to get a replacement card when your address changes. If you would like a replacement card, you can go online or schedule an appointment to apply and pay for a replacement license or ID card showing your new address. The fee to replace a:

  • License or permit is $26.00; and
  • ID card is $39.50.

Business Address Change

Provide on company letterhead:

  • Previous address;
  • New address; and
  • Signature of owner.

Fax or mail address change request to:

    DMV Customer Database Unit
    1905 Lana Ave NE
    Salem, OR 97314
    Fax: (503) 947-4007

Dealer or dismantler address changes are handled by DMV Business Regulation

Vehicle Registration Card Address Change

DMV will not send you a new registration card when you change your address.  You can write your new address on your registration card or you can get a new registration card by visiting our DMV2U page or:

  • Filling out an Application;
  • Including a fee of $5: and
  • Submitting them by mail or at your local DMV office.

Frequently Asked Questions