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Limited Vision Condition Program

People with a limited vision condition who use a bioptic telescopic lens may be eligible for restricted driving privileges in Oregon.

Note: More information is available in a fact sheet.

To be eligible for Oregon driving privileges your vision must meet the following criteria:

  • Visual acuity in the better eye with best lens correction no better than 20/80 and no worse than 20/200;
  • No ocular diagnosis or prognosis that may result in deterioration of your corrected vision below 20/200;
  • A visual field of at least 120 degrees horizontally and 80 degrees vertically; and
  • Would be helped by using a bioptic telescopic lens when driving.
Note: the bioptic lens must be mounted on the carrier lens by the vision specialist who certifies your vision meets eligibility.
  • Complete the rehabilitation program;
  • Study the Oregon Driver Manual;
  • Fill out the application;
  • Take it to a DMV office;
  • Show proof of your physical address and identity;
  • Submit your Certificate of Competency from your rehabilitation specialist;
  • Call to schedule a drive test: 503-945-5523;
  • Pass the drive test;
  • Pay the $60.00 fee; and
  • Get your picture taken.

Your driver license with limited vision will have the following restrictions:

  • Driving during daylight hours only; and
  • Driving only when using a bioptic telescopic lens.

The daylight only restriction will be removed when you submit:

  • A report from a vision specialist stating that your vision allows you to drive at night; and
  • A certificate showing that you have successfully completed nighttime training.
  • Every two years, you must provide a new certification from a licensed vision specialist.
  • A driver under 18 years of age must meet all the requirements of a provisional license:
    • Have an instruction permit (this differs from a special limited condition learner's permit) for a minimum of six months;
    • Complete a Driver's Education Course (not the specialized training required by this program); and:
      • Have 50 hours of supervised driving; or
      • Have 100 hours of supervised driving prior to being issued a provisional license.
  • You must turn in any driver license or permit from another state or country if you have one.
  • You must turn in any driver license or ID card you have from Oregon.
  • You cannot be suspended, cancelled, or revoked in Oregon or any other state.
  • ​You will get an interim card to use as proof of driving privileges.
  • The Post Office will only deliver your license to the address printed on the envelope. Be sure you give DMV the address where you get your mail.
  • Photo Rules - These items are not allowed in a photo:
    • Eyeglasses;
    • Sunglasses;
    • Hat or head covering (other than religious);
    • Contacts that change the appearance of the iris;
    • Face paint;
    • Stickers or bandages; or
    • Anything that covers your face or changes your appearance.

Call the Driver Safety Unit at 503-945-5083 for more information.


Jeff T. Lango
Alpine Rehab and Wellness
5933 NE Win Sivers Dr.
Portland, OR 97220


Sheila M. Morrison
Umpqua Community College
2555 Diamond Lake Blvd.
Roseburg, OR 97470

Judy Ode
Umpqua Community College
2555 Diamond Lake Blvd.
Roseburg, OR 97470

Sharon Rothacker
Umpqua Community College
2555 Diamond Lake Blvd.
Roseburg, OR 97470

Note: Contact each program to inquire about the costs and availability of the training.


Frequently Asked Questions

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