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Sample Oregon Driver Licenses and ID Cards



​Interim cards for driver licenses and ID cards are printed in black and grey on gold paper. They have the same data as the final card, including barcodes. The type of card is listed in the shaded bar directly under the word "Oregon."

Interim Sample

Cards Issued Since Mid-2007
Centrally issued cards have been issued since 2007. The photograph is on the left side, rainbow colored lines and laminate extend to the edges of the card, and the plastic is thinner but stronger than previous versions.

DL Sample

​Cards issued to minors include a red border around the photo with dates the customer will turn 21 years old and 18 years old.  The date the customer will turn 18 only appears when the customer was issued prior to their 18th birthday. The photo is on the right side of the card instead of the left.

DL Sample Minor

Each card issued includes information that clearly identifies the type of card and the cardholder’s privileges. The color of the header bar at the top of the card varies depending on the type of card. Heading titles and header bar colors for cards include:

  • DRIVER LICENSE in a Blue Bar;
  • IDENTIFICATION CARD in a Green Bar; and

​Oregon's digital driver license and ID cards offer several features that improve security and prevent fraud:

  • Tamper-resistant laminate with "Oregon" in print that varies in color from different viewing angles and glows under ultraviolet light.
  • Durable and tamper-resistant materials.
  • Small "ghost image" copy of card holder's photo.
  • Overlapping type and graphics, including image of state Capitol.
  • State of Oregon seal overlapping card holder's photo.
  • Bar-coded information on back.
  • Digitized signature on back.

Frequently Asked Questions

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