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Low Emissions Vehicle (LEV) Requirement


Reserved parking space for low emissions vehiclesThis page provides information about complying with the Low-Emissions Vehicle (LEV) requirement. 
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Vehicles That Must Comply
Beginning with model year 2009, Oregon requires most passenger vehicles with 7,500 miles or less on the odometer to prove compliance with the Low Emissions Vehicle (LEV) requirement before they can obtain registration, unless they are otherwise exempt.  This includes vehicles purchased from an out-of-state dealer.  The LEV requirement does not apply to electric, hybrid, or government-owned passenger vehicles.

Proving Compliance
Statement By Manufacturer
Certain statements by the manufacturer on the certificate of origin (MCO) will prove LEV compliance.  Acceptable LEV language on the MCO includes any of these statements:
  • This vehicle conforms to (or with) U.S. EPA and State of California regulations.
  • This vehicle conforms to (or with) U.S. EPA regulations and is certified for sale in California.
  • This vehicle has a California emission system.
  • This vehicle meets/satisfies California emission standards.
  • This vehicle is certified/legal for sale in California.
  • This vehicle is certified/legal for sale in all 50 states.
Also acceptable is a similar statement by the manufacturer that clearly indicates the vehicle complies with California emission standards and/or the Oregon Low-Emission Vehicle requirement. 
Check of Under Hood Emission Label
If compliance cannot be proven by a statement from the manufacturer on the MCO, or there is no MCO because the vehicle has already been titled in another state, and there is no exemption from LEV standards, then the under hood emission label may be checked in these cases:
  • A licensed Oregon vehicle dealer with the vehicle in their stock may check the label and certify the vehicle complies.
  • If the vehicle must be tested by Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for emissions, DEQ may check the label and certify the vehicle complies.  If the vehicle does not have to be tested by DEQ, DEQ will not check the vehicle for LEV compliance.
  • DMV may check the label and certify the vehicle complies.
There is no additional fee for a LEV compliance check.

Exemptions from having to prove compliance with the LEV requirement are listed on the Declaration of Exemption from the Oregon Low-Emission Vehicle Requirement, Form 735-7309.  If your vehicle is covered by one of the exemptions, you must complete this form and certify the exemption by signing the form, and include it with your application.

Title Only/Trip Permits
DMV may not issue registration for vehicles that do not meet the LEV requirement and do not qualify for an exemption.  Owners may choose to apply for Oregon title only.  The vehicle may qualify for limited light vehicle trip permits.

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