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Clean Marinas

Boat Clean Bear StickerThe Oregon Clean Marina program is a voluntary program administered by the Oregon State Marine Board, helping marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs, and floating home moorages protect and improve local water quality by promoting the use of environmentally sensitive practices at marinas. The program provides the tools, education, and supplies, and consultation to earn Certification and recognition as an Oregon Clean Marina, signifying a marina's commitment to a cleaner marine environment to help protect Oregon's waterways.

If a facility is in compliance with existing environmental regulations and uses a high percentage of the recommended best management practices, it can be designated as an Oregon Clean Marina. Such certified marinas are authorized to fly the Clean Marina flag and use the logo in their advertising. The flag and logo are signals to boaters that a marina cares about the cleanliness of Oregon waterways. 

The program also provides information to marine facility managers on how to eliminate or reduce the input of polluting materials – such as oil, paint, cleaning chemicals, sewage, fish waste, and trash – into the environment.

There are 61 certified Clean Marinas out of approximately 175 public and private marinas in the state.  There is no charge to get certified. 

Beginning in 2021, additional standards are being added for re-certification as a Clean Marina: compliance with Oregon’s boat registration requirements, seaworthiness of boats moored at the docks, and insurance coverage for the salvage and clean-up of abandoned and derelict vessels (ADVs).

Clean Marina Re-Certifications

Every boating season,  participating facilities receive re-certification site visits every three years.  These ensure that each facility is still meeting the standards of the program.  During these visits If deficiencies are found, they are addressed and program supplies are delivered if needed.  The following facilities were re-certified during 2020:

  • Garibaldi Marina (Garibaldi) 
  • Port of Garibaldi (Garibaldi) 
  • Port of Columbia County (Scappoose) 
  • Salmon Harbor Marina (Winchester Bay) 
  • Port of Coos Bay—Charleston Marina Port of Brookings Harbor (Brookings) 
  • City of Umatilla Marina (Umatilla) 
  • Sundance Marina (Portland) 
  • City of Irrigon Marina (Irrigon) 
  • St. Helens Marina (St. Helens) 
  • Port of Astoria: West Basin Marina Boatyard Facility
  • Port of Newport—South Beach Marina 
  • McCuddy’s Marinas: Marine Drive (Portland) 
  • The Landing Marina (Scappoose) 
  • Columbia Crossings Marinas: Tomahawk Bay (Portland) Hayden Bay (Portland) Jantzen Bay (Portland) Island Cove Floating Homes (Portland)

Marina Spot-Checks

Spot-check practice was introduced in 2017, to assist participating marinas between scheduled visits.  Therefore, as staff travels the state, they perform short unannounced site evaluations of certified facilities along the travel route.  This ensures that Clean Marinas are maintaining their facilities in alignment with program standards, and also allows staff to provide needed program materials.

Certified Clean Marina

Welcome to the Clean Marina Family!

Eugene Yacht Club – located on Fern Ridge Reservoir 

McCuddy’s Big Oak Marina – located in Scappoose on the Multnomah Channel 

Salpare Bay Marina – located in Portland on Hayden Island along the Columbia River

Introducing the annual Gold Anchor Award Program! 

The top two marinas with the highest scores during their summer recertification site visits will be awarded this honor on behalf of the Marine Board and highlighted in this section of the newsletter. Award recipients will also be given a framed certificate signed by the agency Director. We realize that all program participants are doing good work and remaining a certified marina after your reoccurring three-year evaluation, this is an accomplishment in itself. However, every summer a few marinas stand out as going above and beyond, and we would like to formally recognize those facilities. This year’s recipients of the inaugural awards are the Port of Columbia County at their Scappoose Bay Marina and the Port of Garibaldi along with the Garibaldi Marina. Port of Columbia County The staff at the Scappoose Bay Marina have really gone above and beyond with their management of this site over the years. Maintenance Supervisor Randy Barnes and his staff of Terry Kent and Adam Milner have done an amazing job at keeping this very busy boating facility running smoothly. During our site visit last summer, we found only one boat that did not have a current registration sticker on it (it was federally documented) and zero ADVs were present! All boats appeared to be in seaworthy condition, the marina has an insurance requirement for all of their moorage customers and the site is always clean and tidy. Additionally, there is a paddle-craft rental business onsite that contributes to a very busy environment. The Port is successfully managing powerboating and paddling together and separating their access to the water so everyone can enjoy their time out boating. Port of Garilbaldi and the Garilbaldi Marina In case you didn't know, the Port and the marina facility together make-up a mix of private ownership at the marina (with the fuel dock) along with the public Port. You would not know that two separate facilities existed as that is how well the two work together and complement each other. The Port’s manager, Michael Saindon, and the maintenance supervisor David Olson do an excellent job along with marina owner/manager Jeff Folkema. This past summer, there were only a couple of boats that did not have current registration stickers and no recreational ADVs. The Port’s maintenance staff do a great job keeping all the infrastructure functioning well and they have an exemplary set of moorage rules that are actively enforced. Every time I visit this site, the parking lot is full and the boat ramp is busy. Jeff seems to always take extra care when operating his fuel dock and the Port participates in the Fishing for Energy Program supported by NOAA and their Marine Debris Program, 

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