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Marine Events

**COVID-19 Update** Some events are tentatively postponed because of CDC social distancing guidance. Please check with the event organizers if you have any questions about the status of an event. 
Boat races on the Rogue River

Marine events (regattas, boat races, marine parades, floats, fishing tournaments or exhibitions) must be permitted in Oregon if they introduce extra or unusual water safety hazards on an Oregon water body. A Marine Board application for a permit must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event. Forms can be submitted via mail, fax, or email.
Any marine event on Federally Navigable waters (as defined by the U.S. Coast Guard, excluding the Rogue River and the Willamette River above the Oregon City Falls) including all tidally influenced waters, must be permitted through the U.S. Coast Guard. The Marine Board will continue to permit those events on waters outside U.S. Coast Guard jurisdiction. The U.S. Coast Guard application must be received at least 135 days prior to the event.  

Questions? Please contact Jessica Watson at (503) 378-2635 or




Notice to All Marine Event Planners

Application for OSMB Marine Event Permit

Application Addendum -Hydrofoil Races

Application for US Coast Guard Marine Event Permit (Form)

State Waterway Navigability Determinations

Request for Coast Guard Auxiliary Safety Patrol

Notice to Mariners

Application for Special Use Device Permit (OAR 250-010-0097)

AIS / Waterway Access Permit Requirements

NOTE: The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and the Oregon State Marine Board require, as a condition of permitting marine events and fishing tournaments, participants inspect boats, trailers and related equipment before that equipment is placed in the waters of the state. The event organizer is responsible for notifying all participants of the requirement to only launch cleaned boats. Such action will help protect our waters from invasive species infestations. Please take this seriously and do your part to help. The following is a basic summary of how to inspect and clean a boat.


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