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K-12 Water Wits School Education Program

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 Aquatic Safety, Science and Stewardship Education Program

Do you want something different to teach in the Spring that is interactive and prepares kids for summer fun in, on, and around the water?

Why not teach them about boating and water safety and aquatic and marine stewardship?

In Oregon, there are 129 lakes, 363 miles of coastline, and 111,619 miles of rivers and streams where families can recreate. This program provides relatable content that gives students real-world connections to their communities and the environment.

The Water Wits program encourages awareness and responsible use of aquatic and marine resources and goes beyond traditional boating and water safety education to include stewardship messages and scientific principles. The program is designed to be interdisciplinary, academically rigorous, interactive, and student-led. 

The curriculum includes 12 complete lesson plans, divided into grade units (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12th grades):

  • All lessons are aligned to state and national education standards including Next Generation Science and Common Core, across multiple subjects.
  • Each unit contains 3-4 lesson plans with suggestions for how to adapt the activity to best suit your students. 
  • Lesson plans include a list of aligned standards, background information, detailed instructions and additional resources including printable worksheet sand hand-outs.
  • Each lesson is designed to be completed in one class period, but many offer rich opportunities for extension.
  • Suggestions for additional activities are also included.

We hope you and your students will have fun with this program while learning to be safe and care for Oregon's amazing waterways.

If you have any questions, please contact MariAnn McKenzie, Boating Safety Education Coordinator, at 503-378-5158 or