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Living with Vision Loss

​​​​Helping Non Job Seekers Live Independently

The Oregon Commission for the Blind offers two programs for adult Oregonians who experience vision loss and are either at retirement age or not interested in working:


This program helps provide training and resources to  residents age 55 and over who experience vision loss.These resources help encourage Oregon residents with vision loss to participate in their communities, engage in leisure and recreational activities, volunteer, travel safely and maintain a greater level of independence.

Where do I go for services?

Our experienced teachers come to your home and share techniques on how to perform daily tasks.

What should I expect during my in-home visit?

• We bring our Low Vision Lab to you! We want to help you read your mail, menus, labels and price tags by performing a low vision assessment in your home and making specific recommendations on lighting, magnifiers, glare reduction, and other adaptive devices
• Adjustment to blindness discussions
• Organizational techniques & tips
• Hints on making household appliances accessible
• Calendar planning (Siri, Hey Google, large print calendars)
• Methods to accomplish everyday tasks (telling time, using the phone, kitchen tasks, etc.)
• Helpful resources (Talking Books, large button phones)
• Education in Orientation & Mobility (O&M - safe & effective pedestrian travel training)

How much will it cost me?
That's the best part- these services are free!
Who is eligible to receive services?
The Oregon Commission for the Blind (OCB) provides independent living services to Oregon residents age 55 and over who experience vision loss.

Want to learn more? Click here to read about our Independent Living for the Older Blind program.

2) INDEPENDENT LIVING (Under age 55 & legally blind)

This program provides the services outlined above to legally blind adults under the age of 55 who are not seeking employment. Qualified rehabilitation teachers work with individuals in their homes and communities to help them live as independently and safely as possible.


Please note that in all OCB programs, employees are subject to state mandatory reporter laws related to child abuse and elder abuse.

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