Employment of Minors in Entertainment

Know your options as an employer!

Oregon statute and rules provide three ways for employers of minors in the entertainment industry to meet their obligation to obtain an employment certificate (and permits for minors under the age of 14).
1)  If an entertainment employer will be employing minors in "long term employment" (more than five working days), the employer must obtain an employment certificate to employ minors 14 - 17 years of age and individual employment permits for any minors employed under age 14. 
2)  If the proposed employment is "short term" (meaning five working days or less), AND 10 or more minors will be employed, the employer may either apply for a "regular" employment certificate for minors 14 - 17 and individual employment permits for any minors under age 14 employed (see #1, above), or the employer may apply for a "short term" permit to employ minors, including minors under age 14. 
3)  Employers who contemplate employing minors in the entertainment industry in more than one production in "short term" employment (five working days or less) may submit a completed application (see below) for an annual Registration to Employ Minors in the Entertainment Industry.  This registration takes the place of the "regular" employment certificate as well as any permits for employees under 14 years of age.
The advantage of "registering" as an entertainment employer is that an employer is not required to obtain a "short term" or "under 14" permit for each and every production so long as employment will not extend beyond five working days.
Instead, a registered employer notifies the Child Labor Unit by letter, in person, by telephone or fax at least 24 hours in advance of when they propose employing minors in short term employment.  This notification must include:
a) the approximate number of minors to be employed;
b) the approximate ages of minors to be employed;
c) a description of the duties to be performed by the minors;
d) the approximate hours the minors will work;
e) the dates the minors are to be employed;
f) the physical location where the work is to be performed.   
Note: Registration does not cover "long term" productions (more than five working days).  Registered employers employing minors in long term employment must comply with the "regular" employment certificate/under 14 permit requirements (see #1, above).
Oregon statute and rules require that employers (including registered entertainment employers) must apply for a special hours variance when the contemplated employment will exceed the maximum hours set out in Oregon Administrative Rule 839-021-0335.