Prohibited Occupations  

Federal law prohibits the employment of minors under age 18 in certain high-risk occupations (called "hazardous work orders" in the Code of Federal Regulations.) These "hazardous work orders" have also been adopted into the Oregon Adminstrative Rules. While federal law exempts aricultural employment from these restrictions, the hazardous work orders / prohibited occupations do apply to agriculture under state law.
Additional restictions apply to the types of work permitted for minor employees 14 and 15 years of age.  See our brochure on the Employment of Minors for details.
The restricted, hazardous occupations for all minors include the following:
Occupations Involving Explosives
All occupations in or about plants or establishments manufacturing or storing explosives or articles containing explosive components.
Motor Vehicle Occupations
All occupations of motor vehicle driver or outside helper riding outside the cab for the purpose of assisting in the transporting of goods.
Coal Mine Occupations
All coal mining occupations performed under ground, in an open pit, or on the surface of a coal mining plant for the purpose of extracting, grading, cleaning or handling coal.
Logging and Sawmilling Occupations
All logging operations or occupations in the operation of any sawmill, lathmill, shingle mill, or cooperage stock mill.
Power Driven Woodworking Machine Occupations
Woodworking occupations involving the use or maintenance of power driven woodworking machines for cutting, shaping, forming, surfacing, nailing, stapling, wire stitching, fastening or assembling, pressing or printing of wood or veneer.
Occupations Involving Exposure to Radioactive Substances
Occupations involving exposure to radioactive substances and to ionizing radiations.
Power Driven Hoisting Apparatus Occupations
Occupations involving the operation of power driven hoisting apparatus or assisting in the operation of hoisting apparatus, such as:
  • Elevators     
  • Cranes
  • Derricks
  • Hoists
  • Fork-lifts
  • High-lift trucks
  • Man-lifts
  • Freight elevators
Power Driven Metal Working Machine Occupations
The occupations of operator of or helper on power driven metal forming, punching and shearing machines.
This order DOES NOT APPLY TO a very large group of metal working machines known as machine tools. These, as well as a number of other machine tools, may be used by 16- and 17-year-old minors and include:
  • Milling function machines
  • Lathes
  • Planing function machines
  • Borers
  • Grinding function machines-drills
  • Drill press-reamers
  • Honers
Occupations in Mining, Other Than Coal
Occupations in or on the surface of underground mines or quarries.
Occupations in Slaughtering or Meat Processing
Occupations involving slaughtering, meat packing or processing, or rendering, including but not limited to, the use, repair or cleaning of the following machines: meat patty forming machines, meat slicing machines, meat and bone cutting saws, knives and grinding, mixing, chopping machines.
Power Driven Bakery Machine Occupations
The occupations of operating, assisting to operate, repair or cleaning of dough mixers, batter mixers, bread dividing, rounding or molding machines, dough brake, dough sheeters, bread slicing and wrapping machines and cake cutting band saws. The occupation of setting up or adjusting a cookie or cracker machines. Other bakery machines may be used by 16- and 17-year-old minors.
Power Driven Paper Products Machine Occupations
The occupations of operating or assisting to operate paper products machines including, but not limited to: arm type wire stitchers or staplers, cover cutters, circular or band saws, guillotine paper cutters, scrap paper balers, platen die cutting presses, platen printing presses and punch presses.
Many paper products machines MAY be used by 16- and 17-year-old minors, including but not limited to:
  • Bag-making and box-making machines
  • Gluing, gumming and folding machines
  • Rotary printing presses.
Brick and Tile Manufacturing Occupations
All work in or about establishments in which clay construction products are manufactured except work in offices, storage, shipping and drying departments. All work in or about establishments in which silica brick or silica refractory products are manufactured, except work in offices.
Operation of Power Saws and Shears Occupations
All occupations of operator or helper or setting up, repairing or cleaning circular saws, band saws and guillotine shears.
Occupations in Wrecking, Demolition andShipbreaking Operations
All Occupations in wrecking, demolition and shipbreaking.
Occupations in Roofing Operations
All roofing operations, including gutter and downspout work.
Occupations in Excavation Operations
Excavating, working in, or backfilling trenches exceeding four feet in depth. Excavating for buildings or working in such excavations. Working in tunnels or shafts prior to the completion of all driving, sinking and shoring operations.
Messenger Service Occupations
All delivery of messages or goods between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
For a complete listing, see "Child Labor Bulletin No. 101" available from the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage-Hour Division in Portland by calling 503-326-3057.