Active Labor Contractors:

Prior to allowing work to begin on any contract or agreement with a labor contractor, be sure to:
  1. Examine the license or temporary permit to verify that the contractor providing the workers is the same individual whose photo appears on the license or temporary permit; AND 
  2. Retain a copy of the license or temporary permit provided by the contractor.
BOLI's Labor Contractor Licensing Unit publishes a list each month of all the labor contractors with an active license:
Active Contractors by Company
Active Contractors by Last Name

Ineligible Labor Contractors:

The labor contractors on this list are ineligible for licensure as an Oregon construction, farm or forest labor contractor.
If you have questions about this list, please contact BOLI's Labor Contracting Unit at 503-373-1463.
​Contractor Name Business Name​ Revoked/Denied /Refused Date Placed on list​ ​Removal Date
​Roger D. Thomas
Romalyfe Forestry, LLC
July 6, 2007​
For Life