Have a question on

Oregon's sick time ordinance?

You have options:


Technical Assistance for Employers
Phone: 971-673-0824


Wage and Hour Division
Phone: 971-673-0761
Civil Rights Division (Retaliation Complaints)
Phone: 971-673-0764
Important information for email inquiries about potential wage and hour or civil rights violations:
Unless you indicate a preference otherwise, BOLI will consider your inquiry to be confidential. We will disclose your name and identity only to internal BOLI staff that need the information to respond to your questions and will protect it from disclosure to the fullest extent of the law.
Public records law exempts “confidential submissions” to public agencies. For the exemption to apply, the information must be:
·         submitted on the condition that it will be confidential.
·         not required by law.
·         of a nature that reasonably should be kept confidential.
·         sensitive enough that disclosure may harm the public interest.
Please note that unlike informal inquiries, formal claims and complaints filed with our Wage and Hour and Civil Rights Divisions are public documents under Oregon law.