Maximum Hours in Manufacturing Establishments

Pursuant to Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 652.020 and ORS 653.265, most employers may not require or permit an employee employed in a mill, factory or manufacturing establishment or a cannery, drier or packing plant to work more than 55 hours in any one workweek. However, an employer may permit an employee to work up to 60 hours in one workweek if the employee requests or consents in writing to work more than 55 hours in the workweek. The request/consent form (WH-261) below may, but is not required, to be used for this purpose.
The term "workweek" is defined as a fixed period of time established by an employer that reflects a regularly recurring period of 168 hours or seven consecutive 24-hour periods. A workweek may begin on any day of the week and any hour of the day and need not coincide with a calendar week. The beginning of the workweek may only be changed by the employer if the change is intended to be permanent and is not designed to evade overtime requirements.
ORS 653.260 and ORS 653.265 also provide qualifying employers with an undue hardship period exemption from the restrictions on the maximum workweek hours established by ORS 653.260 and ORS 653.265 if the employer, in the ordinary course of the employer’s business, processes perishable products. Employers claiming an undue hardship exemption must file a notice (WH-262) with the Bureau of Labor and Industries. When an undue hardship exists, an employee may consent in writing to work up to 84 hours per workweek for four workweeks and up to 80 hours per workweek for any remaining workweeks in the undue hardship period. A separate consent form (WH-263) is to be used for this purpose.


WH-261 - Written request or consent to work more than 55 hours/workweek (Spanish version)
WH-262 - Notice of undue hardship period for manufacturing establishments
WH-263 - Employee consent to work more than 60 hours in a workweek due to employer’s undue hardship (Spanish version)

Additional Information 

For more information about Oregon’s wage and hour regulations and the restrictions on maximum work hours for employees in these establishments, visit or contact:
Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI)
Wage and Hour Division
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Telephone: (971) 673-0761