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Statistics about apprenticeship in Oregon

Skilled workers are in high demand. As construction projects are booming and new industries are looking for highly qualified employees, there’s never been a better time to be an apprentice.

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Oregon apprenticeship programs by the numbers

The following data is based on data pulled on: 1/8/2024

10,455 Apprentices:

  • Earning while they learn in on-the-job training programs.

Every month, more than 200 Oregonians decide to register with program.

Increasing numbers of current apprentices are women and people of color, and that is something we’re focused on building. Women and people of color have historically been excluded or not encouraged to enter trades jobs. Bureau of Labor &Industries ATD, business and labor partners, and advocates are working hard to change that.

3,981 Training Agents

  • Companies focused on building their workforce.

160 Apprenticeship Committees