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Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council

The Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council (OSATC) is the governing body that approves new apprenticeship committees, programs, and policies. It also makes decisions about individual apprentices’ registration, discipline, and placement.

NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING: The next OSATC meeting will be held remotely on December 16, 2021. Details are included in the Full Meeting Notice link below. Note: OSATC meetings now begin at 9:00 a.m.
Full meeting notice available here.
You can view materials related to this meeting here.
If you have comments or objections, please submit them using this form.
Council members

The Council is made up of eight members appointed by the Governor. Four of the council members are from construction trades with apprenticeship programs, two from other trades with apprenticeships, and two from the public. The council has equal representation of employers and employees. The Chair is the Labor Commissioner and the Secretary is the Apprenticeship and Training Administrator, Lisa Ransom. To apply for the Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council, visit the Governor's website.


Apprenticeship programs and standards are reviewed at each subcommittee meeting and then forwarded to the full council for approval.

Previous meeting decisions and minutes

If you plan to submit a new apprenticeship program or standard to the council, please contact an apprenticeship representative for help with the process. Call 971-673-0760 or email

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