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Economic analysis

​Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 468A, Section 272 authorizes the Office of Economic Analysis (OEA), with substantial assistance from the Department of Environmental Quality, to assess the availability of fossil and alternative fuels in Oregon.  In particular, the forecast is to determine whether fuel supply will be sufficient to generate alternative fuel (ethanol, electricity, and diesel substitutes - including biodiesel, renewable diesel, natural gas, ​and propane) credits to meet the scheduled applicable low carbon fuel standards for the compliance period.  The forecast report is required to include an assessment of banked deficits and credits at the beginning of the compliance period.

The Clean Fuels Forecast is issued annually on Oct. 1.  Please feel free to contact Michael Kennedy at 971-678-5595 or on matters regarding Clean Fuels Forecasts.

Most recent forecast

2023 Clean Fuels Forecast


During the spring of 2019, a technical workgroup met twice to review the existing methodology that was used for the 2019 forecast. In particular the group examined potentially overlooked data sources as well as modeling adjustments. The results of the effort were reported out to the full advisory committee and are reflected in the 2020 forecast methodology available above.

Advisory committee