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What is an Amendment?

An Amendment is a written modification to the terms and conditions of a contract. An Amendment requires mutual agreement between the agency and the contractor. An Amendment can add, remove or update the terms and conditions of a contract, provided the Amendment is within the general scope of the original procurement.

When to Use Amendments

An agency may amend a contract without additional competition in any of the following circumstances:
  • The Amendment is within the scope of the original procurement. If an agency determines that the changes resulting from an amended contract would likely have increased competition or affected award of the original contract, then the Amendment is not within the scope of the original procurement.
  • The agency is otherwise permitted to award a contract without competition for the products or services to be procured under the Amendment.
  • The Amendment is required to comply with changes in law that impact the contract terms and conditions.
Amendments that are within the parameters of the scope of work of the original procurement are not considered to be new procurements. Therefore, an agency is not required to seek an exemption from a competitive solicitation to add components or phases of work specified in or reasonably implied in the original solicitation document. The following table describes the requirements for amending a contract within each of the procurement types available to an agency.


How to Execute Amendments

An agency must execute a contract amendment following the requirements applicable to the procurement process used in the initial solicitation. 

Resource: Use the approved Amendment for Contracts template.

The Amendment process is described in the following table: