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Risk management

​​​​​​​​Attention! Complete a risk assessment prior to completing an insurance requirement template!

If assistance is needed in learning how to use this tool for determining contractor insurance requirements, scroll down to: Training on how to use the tool on Workday.

Risk assessment tools for determining insurance requirements

After completing the risk assessment, click the appropriate link below the tool to select the insurance requirement template. Use the results from the risk assessment to complete the template. The templates for services and goods contracts and for services and goods intergovernmental agreements (IGA) include insurance coverage that may not be applicable to a current situation. The risk assessment will help determine which insurance coverage to request.

Services and goods risk assessment tool and templates

IT risk assessment tool and template

Construction risk assessment tool and templates​​

When finalizing contract language:
 Coverage that is "not required" may be deleted from the insurance requirement templates.
  • You may ONLY delete language where "not required" is indicated. You CANNOT modify or delete the following sections:
    • The opening paragraph (except to modify to show the actual section or exhibit number.)
    • Workers' compensation & employers liability
    • Excess/umbrella insurance
    • Additional insured
    • Waiver of subrogation
    • Tail coverage
    • Certificate(s) and proof of insurance
    • Notice of change or cancellation
    • Insurance requirement review
    • State acceptance (except to modify to show the actual section or exhibit number.)
  • If a contractor wants to revise any of the template language, you may contact DAS Risk Management.

Training on how to use the tool on Workday

The following link will direct you to Workday where a 15 minute tutorial on how to use the risk assessment tool will be provided.

DAS-Risk Management-Risk Insurance Assessment Tool

The following link will direct you to Workday where an 8 minute tutorial with additional risk assessment and insurance tips are provided, along with important DO's and DON'Ts in the risk assessment and insurance requirement process. 

DAS – PS Principles of Public Procurement: Risk Management 4