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Welcome From Oregon's Chief Procurement Officer

I'm pleased to welcome you to the state of Oregon online procurement manual (manual). This manual is the official guide to the procurement process for products, services and construction.

The manual implements the state’s procurement statutes, administrative rule, and policy to guide agencies in the public procurement process. The manual describes best practices to clarify the law governing procurement in the state. In conjunction with Oregon statutes and administrative rules, the manual supports the state’s direction to:
  • Simplify, clarify and modernize procurement practices so that they reflect the marketplace and industry standards.
  • Provide a foundation for ethical and fair dealing in public contracting.
  • Promote efficient use of the state’s resources.
  • Identify and implement legislatively mandated socioeconomic programs.
  • Provide guidance on “arriving at best value".
  • Conduct procurements that preserve competitive bidding as the standard for public improvement contracts unless otherwise exempted.
The manual is a guide, and not the ultimate authority or legal advice, for public procurement in the state. While the manual addresses general principles of procurement law, exceptions to these principles exist. An agency should consult with legal counsel or the appropriate Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Procurement Services resource to address specific situations not covered by the manual.

The state’s primary procurement resources and guidance include:
  • Procurement manual.
  • Procurement tools and templates.
  • DAS procurement training.
Additionally, Oregon agencies must follow procurement provisions contained in:
  • Oregon Revised Statutes 279A, B and C.
  • DAS Statewide Policy.
  • Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 125 and 137.
  • The Oregon Accounting Manual.
  • Other chapters of Oregon statute that direct procurement in the state, including ORS190A, ORS200.


The manual outlines the processes and methods for planning and managing an agency’s procurement activities. The guidance is applicable to all agencies under DAS procurement authority. An agency’s procurement authority comes from either its own statutory authority, from a written delegation of authority by DAS, or by DAS Administrative Rule. Refer to Determine Authority for more information on agency procurement authority. Throughout the manual, a “requesting agency” is one that operates under DAS procurement authority. A “procuring agency” is an agency with delegated procurement authority by statute or by DAS. 

Specific procedures and resources, and the capabilities that support procurement activities vary widely from agency to agency. The manual’s alignment with Oregon statutory requirements, Department of Justice (DOJ) model rule, DAS administrative rule, statewide policy and the state’s accounting practices, ensures that an agency is following procurement practices prescribed by these authorities. 

DAS Procurement Services requires agencies under its procurement authority to follow the processes described in the manual and recommends, but does not mandate use of the manual by other public entities in the state. An agency’s use of the resources and support provided through the manual, including the tools, templates and training, however, will facilitate uniformity and consistency in an its procurement process.


The manual is an online publication maintained according to the state’s record retention requirements. Refer to the Secretary of State’s Records Management website for information on records retention policy.

DAS Procurement Services manages manual revisions and updates in concert with changes to statute, administrative rule and policy. DAS maintains a revision history that reflects substantive changes to content and the effective date of those changes.

How to Use the Manual

The manual describes standard procedures and sound business practices that implement statutory requirements regarding procurement of products, services and construction. To obtain an overview of the procurement life cycle, refer to Procurement Overview.

In addition to detailing procurement processes and practices, the manual presents a roadmap of the procurement process to guide agencies from start to finish through the various stages of the full procurement lifecycle. An agency can tailor the roadmap to meet the requirements of the procurement. 

The manual is organized by the general activities that support the procurement life cycle – from planning and preparing a procurement to administering and closing out a contract.

Additional Resources

Procurement Resources

Each section of the manual includes access to forms, templates, checklists, and other tools. These resources appear as links located in the top right corner of each page, as applicable. Alternatively, a procurement professional can access Forms and Templates which provides a library of all mandatory and recommended procurement tools.

Procurement Training

DAS Procurement Services has implemented a training and development program to ensure that agency personnel involved in the procurement process are knowledgeable of the laws and policies that govern public procurement in Oregon.

State law requires agency personnel that are directly involved in administering a state contract over $150,000 to obtain the DAS Contract Administration Training Certificate. Refer to DAS Procurement Services Training for more information on these requirements and all procurement-related training.
  Stephen Nelson
  State Chief Procurement Officer