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Oregon procurement manual

What is the Surplus Property Program?

The Surplus Property program is a statutorily established Oregon state government program managed by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS). The Surplus Property program locates, acquires and distributes state and federal surplus property to state and local government agencies and qualified nonprofit organizations.

The Surplus Property program promotes the efficient use of existing resources. The program:
  • ensures the fair and equitable redistribution of surplus property.
  • provides low cost items for agencies to meet their procurement needs.
  • sells agency surplus in an effort to be a good steward of public funds.
  • ensures transparency in the disposal of surplus property.
In addition to meeting its procurement needs through surplus property, an agency must also dispose of all surplus property though the Surplus Property program. Agencies must follow appropriate state policies when removing, transferring, recycling, scrapping or otherwise disposing of property purchased with state funds.

What is Surplus Property?

Surplus property is the personal property, vehicles and titled equipment that is no longer in use by the federal government, state agencies, local governments, or special government bodies. The property, turned over to or acquired by the Surplus Property program, is first made available for sale or transfer to all eligible entities within the state. If not acquired by an eligible entity, the surplus property is then made available through a public sales method, including internet auctions or the program’s retail center – the “General Store.”

When to use Surplus Property

Agencies must make their Buy Decision in the priority order specified in administrative rule (OAR 125-247-0200). The Surplus Property program is the highest priority source and an agency may not elect to procure through a lower priority source, unless it is determined that the procurement need cannot be met due to factors such as inability to meet agency specifications. The Surplus Property program allows an agency to acquire directly from the program and does not require a competitive procurement.

How to process a Surplus Property procurement

To participate in the Surplus Property program an agency or other government entity or non-profit institution must complete and submit an Application for Eligibility. The agency or institution must indicate the type of entity, agree to the terms and conditions of distribution, and designate a signing authority within its organization.

When the agency’s application is accepted, it is established as a donee that may acquire federal donation property based upon federal regulations and may also acquire surplus property other than federal donation property. Participation eligibility must be renewed every three years.

Process Description
Verify eligibility and authorized signer(s) Prior to acquiring products from the Surplus Property program, the agency must first check with the Surplus Property program to verify they are eligible to receive surplus property and verify who is designated by the agency as an authorized signer.
Check availability 1. Visit the Surplus Property program website and search for needed products.
2. Select from among several tools on the website to locate surplus property:
  • REUSE — available property at the Salem warehouse.
  • GSAXcess — Federal government website.
  • Submit a "want list" request to Surplus Property program staff.
  • Request to be added to the Surplus Property program listserv.
Verify specifications
1. Is the product available through the Surplus Property program?
  1. If yes, the agency may call or send an email to the program to request the needed item.

    Note: Agencies may visit the Surplus Property program warehouse to inspect items prior to acquisition.

    For property located and reserved through the "want list," Surplus Property program staff can assist in making transportation arrangements if necessary.

  2. If no, the agency should assess Buy Decision Priority 2 - OregonForward (OFC) formerly known as Qualified Rehabilititation Facility (QRF).