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The services outlined below represent the core technical infrastructure and related service offerings that customer agencies rely on to effectively deliver their business-centric operations. The level and depth of service consumed by a particular agency is driven by whether they are a partner or client consumer type. 


Catalog of services

​Local area network services provide networking of computing devices within the customers’ physical locations and to the state network, allowing:
  • Computing resources such as files, printers and applications to be shared

  • Data and messages to be sent and received in a secure and reliable manner

​State network access services provide connectivity to state and agency resources (such as servers at the SDC), to other governmental offices that are connected to the state network and to the Internet.
​Backup services create reliable copies of data, related software and supporting configurations for the purpose of reproducing data from a specific point in time in the event the original is lost, erased, damaged or changed in error.

Data storage services provide secure technology and capacity management to store customers’ data in a manner that meets their performance and availability needs.

​ETS engineers, builds and supports customized hosting solutions designed to help customers improve IT quality, efficiency and reliability. Depending on infrastructure needs, ETS can virtualize existing servers, build an entire custom hosted infrastructure or simply provide a managed server. ETS has a wide array of professional capabilities to provide the right solution to meet customers’ needs.
Security Services manage software, hardware, processes, and procedures to ensure all data and communications are appropriately secured for availability and access. As with the other services, Security Services engage in the development of the new, combined environment along with the normal information technology support of customers’ needs. As noted in Section 3, these services are delivered as a collaboration between ETS and ESO.
Enterprise email services enable sending, receiving and reviewing email from Outlook clients, web browsers or mobile devices. It incorporates calendaring within the email system and removes mailbox size limitations.

ETS customer services

​The ETS customer base is primarily made up of three distinct groups. These include partners, state agency clients, and non-state agency clients. These three groupings are graphically displayed below, showing the array of services each generally rely on from ETS.

The customer groups are described below:

Customers in this category rely most heavily on the full catalog of services provided by ETS. They utilize ETS as their primary provider of computing and network infrastructure services.  As displayed in the graph above, these customers are deeply invested in the functionality and performance of the services provided by ETS.

Agency Clients
This group of customers are state agencies that procure a discrete subset of services offered by ETS. For the most part, the services purchased are in the areas of network and data storage, including backup and recovery.

Non-agency Clients
These are customers from qualified governmental jurisdictions outside of Oregon state government. Among these are school districts, and county and municipal governments. Like agency clients, they sometimes purchase from the specific subset of services offered by ETS in order to augment a need their IT organization cannot provide. Chief among these is data backup and restore.