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​​A feature is a brief story about a state agency's service or program that is both timely and of interest to the public. Unlike breaking news stories that may have a shelf life of a single day, a feature story contains more substantive information which can be posted on for approximately one to two weeks. attracts over 40 million visits annually, making it an excellent medium for notifying the public of state agencies' programs and services.​

​​​All three branches of state government -- Executive, Legislative and Judicial -- ​can submit feature stories for the home page.​

​​ hosts five or six feature stories at a time. The DAS Communications Team will approve each submission before it is posted. An agency can submit feature stories as often as they like.​

​1. Write Your Feature Story.  Once you have written your story, post it to your agency's website.

2. Submit Your Feature Story. Follow the feature story guidelines to submit the story to DAS. If you need an image or photo, contact DAS.​ Feature Story Guidelines

For DAS contact information, refer to the section, What if I have more questions? 

​​DAS will review the content of the submitted story and if there are any questions on the content, timing, tone or image, the Communications Team will contact the submitter.​

​Please contact: 
​Andrea Chiapella, Communications Director 
Bryanna Duke, Public Re​cords Manager