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File Transfer (FTP)

FTP Instructions

Publishing & Distribution provides a file transfer protocol (FTP) site for transferring documents between computers. To access the site, contact your Customer Relations Management representative (CRM) for the username, password and instructions.

Tips for File Transfer

You may come across a message stating the following, “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate." Click the second option, “Continue to this Website.” The website is a trusted source.

To transfer multiple items in a folder, first compress the folder by right-clicking it and selecting “Send to” > “Compressed (zipped) folder” on a PC or right-clicking and selecting “Compress [folder name]” on a Mac.

FTP Directories

In: Place electronic files or folders here. Before transferring files or folders, name them with the job number for identification.

Out: P&D places files or folders for customers to pick up. Items placed in this folder will be automatically deleted after five days. Customers have read privileges only in this directory.

Secure FTP Login

P&D offers a custom user option for transferring secure files. Contact your Customer Relations Management representative (CRM) to get a custom username and password.


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