How to enroll

State agen​cies 

DAS will sign a participation agreement on behalf of all state agencies for purchase cards, one card, fleet card and corporate cards. Employees may be required to sign a card agreement with their individual agency coordinators. 

Participating ORCPP agencies 

Members found on the ORCPP member list are able to participate, but must sign their own resulting agreement with US Bank and submit that along with three years of financial information. This information will be sent to DAS and forwarded to US Bank. The state of Oregon is encouraging ORCPP's to adopt a similar policy to the state of Oregon regarding corporate credit cards and also have employee sign an intergovernmental agreement with the ORCPP program​

Credit limits 

Authorized Purchaser works with the bank to establish an appropriate credit limit based upon their needs. (Note:  Detailed information regarding the price agreement can be found on ORPIN​ under PA 4706)