​Duties and responsibilities

  1. Understands what authority and rules the procurements will follow and becomes familiar with required forms during a declared disaster. 

  2. Uses event logs and financial tracking logs to track procurements. (See Disaster event log and Finance tracking sections) 

  3. Uses ORPIN, if available, to find contracts or as a resource to locate potential suppliers to provide needed supplies or services. (See ORPIN section) 

  4. Contacts suppliers to negotiate supplies delivery, and requested services and all associated costs.  Finalizes how supplies will be delivered and the payment methodology. 

  5. If a purchase is for more than $10,000, the buyer must attempt to obtain three bids when practical to ensure competitiveness and meet legal requirements. 

  6. Confirms delivery and documents on appropriate forms. (See Disaster event log and Finance tracking sections) 

  7. If unable to complete any procurement, retains records and notifies the coordinating supervisor.  As necessary, returns or supplies the coordinating supervisor and / or finance coordinator with any documents that may have been initiated, as appropriate. 

  8. At the end of the declared disaster event, provides all documentation, including all event and financial tracking logs, to the finance coordinator. (See Disaster event log and Finance tracking sections)