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Department of Administrative Services


​AA ​Affirmative Action
​AB ​Agency Budget Financial Table
​ABIS ​Automated Budgeting Information System
​AC Profile ​Agency Control Profile (25)
​ACH ​Automated Clearing House
​ACLB ​Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board
​ACOP ​Administrative Certificate for Oregon Procurement
​ACV Actual Cash Value
​ADA ​Americans with Disabilities Act
​ADPICS ​Advanced Purchasing and Inventory Control System
​AE ​Accounting Event
​AEE ​Association of Engineering Employees
​AFP ​Advanced Function Printing
Advanced Function Presentation
​AFSCME ​American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
​AI ​Additional Information
​AIG ​Agency Implementation Guide
​AOCE ​Association of Oregon Corrections Employees
​AP or A/P ​Accounts Payable
​Appl/Cert ​Applicant Certification System
​APPN ​Appropriation
​AR or A/R ​Accounts Receivable
​ARB ​Agency Request Budget
​AY ​Appropriation Year
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​BA161 ​Principles of Public Contracting Class
​BAM ​Former Budget and Management Division
Now known as: Chief Financial Office
​BCC ​Blind Carbon Copy
​BCP ​Business Continuity Planning
​BI ​Biennium
​BIO ​Bio-diesel
​BLM ​Bureau of Land Management, Federal
​BOA ​Board of Accounting
​BOLI ​Bureau of Labor and Industries
​BPO ​Blanket Purchase Order
​BSU ​Former Business Services Unit
Now known as: Shared Financial Services, see EGS
​BT ​Balance Transfers
​B&W ​Black toner/ink on white paper

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C ​

​CA ​Contract Administrator
Cost Allocation
​CAFR ​Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
​CAR ​Contract Administration Request
​CC ​Capital Construction
Citizen Complaint
Carbon Copy
​CET ​Central Evaluation Team
​CFD ​Charitable Fund Drive
​CFDA ​Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
​CFO ​Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Office
​CHRO ​Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Human Resources Office
​CI ​Capital Improvement
​CICS ​Customer Information Control System
Customer Information Communication System
​CIO ​Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Office
​CIOC ​Chief Information Officer Council
​CIOMC ​Chief Information Officer Management Council
​CM ​Current Month
​CMIA ​Cash Management Improvement Act
​CNG ​Compressed Natural Gas
​COA ​Chart of Accounts
​COI ​Conflict of Interest
​COO ​Office of the Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer
​COP ​Certificate of Participation
Community of Practice
​CPM ​Certificate of Public Management
​CPO ​Chief Procurement Officer
​CR ​Cash Receipt
Change Request
Checklist Review
​CRO ​Contract Release Order
​CS ​Contract Services
​CSL ​Current Service Level
​CSR ​Contract Services Request
Customer Service Representative
​CV ​Citizen Vehicle
​CVTD ​Conditional Transfer for Vessels or Aircraft
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​DAF ​Department of Accounting and Finance
​DAFQ ​DAF Query
​DAFR ​DAF Report
​DAS ​Department of Administrative Services
​DBA ​Doing Business As
​DBS ​DAS Business Services
​DCBS ​Department of Consumer and Business Services
​DCR ​Detail Cross Reference
​DEG ​Data Entry Guide
​DEQ ​Department of Environmental Quality
​DF ​Document Financial Table
​DHS ​Department of Human Services
​DIS ​Dispatch of motor pool vehicle to state employee
​DJDE ​Dynamic Job Description Entry
​DJS ​Daily Journal of Commerce
​DLA ​Defense Logistics Agency, Federal
​DLCD ​Department of Land Conservation and Development
​DMI ​Distribution Method Indicator
​DMV ​Drivers and Motor Vehicles Division of the Oregon
Department of Transportation
​DO ​Former Director's Office
Now known as: Office of the Chief Operating Officer, see COO
​DOC ​Department of Corrections
​DOD ​Department of Defense, Federal
​DOE ​Department of Energy
​DOGAMI ​Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
​DOI ​Department of Interior, Federal
​DOJ ​Department of Justice
​DOR ​Department of Revenue
​DOT ​Department of Transportation
​DPI ​Dots Per (square) Inch
​DP&N ​Direct Purchase & Negotiation
​DPO ​Designated Procurement Officer
Direct Purchase Order
​DPSST ​Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
​DR ​Debit
Disaster Recovery
​DSL ​Department of State Lands
Diesel Fuel
​DSR ​Draft Staff Report
​DSRC ​Draft Staff Report Comment
​DTO ​Desk Top Organizer
​DVA ​Department of Veterans' Affairs

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​E-85 ​Fuel - Ethanol 85%, Unleaded 15%
​EAM ​Enterprise Asset Management
​EAS ​Enterprise Application Services
Expenditure Account
​EBL ​Essential Budget Level
​E-Board ​Emergency Board, Legislative
​EDX ​Employer Data Exchange
​EEO ​Equal Employment Opportunity
​EEOC ​Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
​EFT ​Electronic Funds Transfer
​E-Gov Board ​E-Governance Board, State
​EGS ​Enterprise Goods and Services
​EHRS ​Enterprise Human Resource Services
​EIRMS ​Enterprise Information Resource Management Strategy
​EISPD ​Former Enterprise Information Strategy & Policy Division
Now known as: Enterprise Technology Services
​ELMS ​Enterprise Learning Management System
​EMP ​Eugene Motor Pool
​EMS ​Environmental Management System
​ENS ​Former Enterprise Network Services
​EOM ​End of Month
​EPACT ​United States Energy Policy Act
​EPS ​Encapsulated Post Script
​ERP ​Enterprise Resource Planning
​ESAP ​Employee Suggestion Awards Program
​ESB ​Emerging Small Business
​ESS ​Employee Services Section (formerly Human Resources)
​ETS                                  ​Enterprise Technology Services, a program of the Office of the State CIO; synonymous with "State Data Center"
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​FAC ​Former Facilities Division
Now known as: Enterprise Asset Management
​FAR ​Federal Acquisition Regulation
​FEIN ​Federal Employer Identification Number
​FF ​Federal Funds
​Fleet Former ​Fleet Administration
Now known as: Fleet & Parking Services, see EAM
​FLSA ​Fair Labor and Standards Act
​FMAC ​Fleet Management Advisory Council
​FMLA ​Family and Medical Leave Act
​FO ​Final Order
​FOB ​Freight On Board
​FOPPO ​Federation of Oregon Parole and Probation Officers
​FS ​Feature Story
​FSC ​Field Service Coordinators
​FTE ​Full Time Equivalent (Employee Count Measurement)
​FTP ​File Transfer Protocol
​FY ​Fiscal Year
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​GAAFR ​Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting
​GAAP ​Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
​GASB ​Governmental Accounting Standards Board
​GCIU or GCU ​Graphic Communication International Union
​GE ​Goal Exception
​GEO ​Geospatial Enterprise Office
​GF ​General Fund
​GFOA ​Government Finance Officers Association
​GGDC ​Former General Government Data Center
​GHG ​Green House Gas
​GL ​General Ledger
​GLA ​General Ledger Accounts
​GLTDAG ​General Long-Term Debt Account Group
​GIF ​Graphics Interchange Format
​GIS ​Geographic Information Systems
​GRB ​Governor's Recommended Budget
​GSA ​General Services Administration, Federal
​GWF ​Government Wide Fund
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​HB ​House Bill
​HIRE ​Hiring Individuals Ready for Employment
​HLS ​Hue, Lightness & Saturation. Also called HVS.
​HRMC ​Human Resource Management and Consultation
​HRSD ​Human Resource Services Division
Now known as: Chief Human Resources Office
​HTML ​Hypertext Mark Up Language
​HVS ​Hue, Lightness & Saturation. Also called HLS.
​HYB ​Hybrid (vehicle)
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​IAA ​Interagency Agreement
​IAFF ​International Association of Firefighters
​IAP ​Individual Account Program
​IEU ​Input Edit Update
​IGA ​Intergovernmenal Agreement
​I&I ​Issue and Invoice
​IIC ​Inmate Injury Complaint
​IIF ​Inmate Injury Fund
​iMS ​iMatchSkills
​IPDS ​Intelligent Printer Data Streams
​IRM ​Information Resources Management
​IRMD ​Former Information Resources Management Division
​IRR ​Information Resources Request
​ISA ​Interstate Agreement
​IT ​Information Technology
​IT File ​Internal Transaction File
​IT Records ​Internal Transaction Records
​ITB ​Invitation To Bid
​ITIP ​Information Technology Investment & Planning
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​JLCIMT ​Joint Legislative Committee on
Information Management and Technology
​JOIN ​Juvenile Oregon Information Network
​JPEG ​Joint Photographhic Experts Group
​JV ​Journal Voucher
​JVM ​Jury Verdicts Northwest
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​K ​Contract
​KFAFFA ​Klamath Falls Airport Fire Fighters Association

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​LAB ​Legislatively Adopted Budget
Legislatively Approved Budget
​LCDS ​Line Condition Data Stream
​LD ​Limited Duration
​LEDS ​Law Enforcement Data System
​LESO ​Law Enforcement Support Office, Federal
​LEV ​Low Emission Vehicle
​LF ​Lottery Funds
​LFO ​Legislative Fiscal Office
​LINUS ​Legislative Information Notification Update System
​LO ​Leadership Oregon
​LOF ​Lube, Oil and Filter Service
​LPS Loftware Print Server
​LPR ​Line Printer Daemon protocol/Line Printer Remote protocol
​LRU ​Labor Relations Unit (formerly known as "Labor Relations Division")
Now known as: Labor Relations, see CHRO
​LTL ​Less Than Load
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​M-37 ​Measure 37
​MBE ​Minority Business Enterprise
​MICR ​Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
​MDS ​Management Development Series
​MLOCR ​Multiline Optical Character Reader
​M&O ​Maintenance & Operations
​MOA ​Memorandum of Agreement
​MO13 ​Month 13
​MOU ​Memorandum of Understanding
​MP ​Motor Pool
​MP Code ​Multipurpose Code
​MQ(S) ​Minimum Qualification(s)
​MS ​Microsoft
​MSP ​Managed Service Provider
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​NADCP ​National Association of Drug Court Professionals
​NASJVP ​National Association of State Jury Verdict Publishers
​NCSC ​National Center for State Courts
​NL ​Neighbor Letter
​NLC ​Neighbor Letter Comment
​NPS ​National Park Service
​NTE ​Not to Exceed
​NTP ​Notice to Proceed
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​OADC ​Oregon Association of Defense Counsel
​OADCP ​Oregon Association of Drug Court Professionals
​OAM ​Oregon Accounting Manual
​O&M ​Operations and Maintenance (see EAM)
​OAR ​Oregon Administrative Rules
​OCAC ​Oregon Contract Administration Certificate
​OCCWD ​Office of Community Colleges & Workforce Development
​OCE ​Oregon Correctional Enterprises
​OCECG ​Oregon Center for Electronic Commerce and Government
​OCR ​Optical Character Reader
​ODA ​Oregon Department of Agriculture
Oregon Department of Aviation
​ODF ​Oregon Department of Forestry
​ODFW ​Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
​ODL ​Oregon Driver's License
​ODOT ​Oregon Department of Transportation
​OEBB ​Oregon Educators Benefit Board
​OF ​Other Funds
​OFLA ​Oregon Family Leave Act
​OGDC ​Oregon Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
​OHCS ​Oregon Housing and Community Services
​OHPR ​Office of Health Policy & Research
​OIOTJ ​Oregon Is On The Job
​OJD ​Oregon Judicial Department
​OJIN ​Oregon Judicial Information Network
​OMWESB ​Office of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business
​ONA ​Oregon Nurses Association
​OPAC ​Oregon Procurement Advanced Certification
​OPB ​Oregon Progress Board
​OPBC ​Oregon Procurement Basic Certification
​OPE ​Other Payroll Expenses
​OPEU ​Oregon Public Employees Union
​OPMCP ​Oregon Project Management Certification Program
​OPRD ​Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
​OPS ​Operations Division
Now known as: Business Support Services, see DBS
​OPSRP ​Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan
​OR OSHA ​Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division
​ORBITS ​Oregon Budget Information Tracking System
​ORCPP ​Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program
​ORPIN ​Oregon Procurement Information Network
​ORS ​Oregon Revised Statutes
​OSAC ​Oregon Student Assistance Commission
​OSB ​Oregon Smart Buy
​OSP ​Oregon State Policy
Oregon State Penitentiary
​OSEA ​Oregon Safe Employment Act
​OSGP ​Oregon Savings Growth Plan
​OSHA ​Occupational Health and Safety Act
​OSL ​Oregon State Library
Oregon State Lottery
​OSPA ​Oregon State Payroll Application
​OSPC ​Oregon Small Procurement Certificate
​OSPOA ​Oregon State Police Officers' Association
​OSPS ​Oregon Statewide Payroll Services
​OTCA ​Oregon Tort Claims Act
​OUS ​Oregon University System
​OWIN ​Oregon Wireless Interoperability Network
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​PA ​Personnel Action
Price Agreement
Permanently Assigned (Vehicle)
​PCA ​Program Cost Account
​PCL ​Printer Command Language
​PD ​Position Description
​P&D ​Publishing & Distribution (see EGS)
​PDC ​Property Distribution Center
​PDF ​Portable Document Format
​PDR ​Property Disposition Request
​PDSC ​Public Defense Services Commission
​PDT ​Payment Distribution Type
​PEBB ​Public Employees Benefit Board
​PERS ​Public Employees Retirement System
​PICS ​Position Information Control System
​PIE ​Personnel Information Exchange
Peer Information Exchange
​PIP ​Personal Injury Protection
​PM ​Project Manager
Preventative Maintenance
​PMP ​Portland Motor Pool
​PMS ​Pantone color Matching System
​PPP ​Partners in Public Purchasing
​PPT ​PowerPoint
​PO ​Purchase Order
​POCC ​Public Official's Compensation Commission
​POL ​Policy Package
​POP ​Policy Option Package
​PP ​Pension Program
​PPDB ​Position and Personnel Database
​PR ​Purchase Request
Press Release
Public Relations
​PROMISE ​Professional and Managment Internships in State Employment
​PS ​Personal Services
​PS&E ​Plans, Specifications and (cost) Estimate
​PSK ​Personal Services Contract
​PSP ​Print Service Provider
​PT ​Property Tag
​PW ​Public Works
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​QA ​Quality Assurance
​Q&A ​Questions & Answers
​QRF ​Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities
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​RACF ID ​Resource Access Control Facility Identification  Number
​REFBPS ​Revenue & Expenditures Forecasting & Budget Planning System
​RES ​Reservation (made by state employee)
​RET ​Return
​RFI ​Request For Information
​RFO ​Request For Offers
​RFP ​Request For Proposal
​RFQ ​Request For Quote/Qualifications
​RFS ​Request For Service
​RM ​Risk Management (see EGS)
​RMD ​Former Risk Management Division
​ROX ​Reduction of Expense
​R*STARS ​Relational Statewide Accounting and Reporting System
​RTI ​Recurring Transaction Index
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​S&S ​Services & Supplies
​SABRS ​Statewide Audit and Budget Reporting Section
See CFO (Policy) or ETS (Service)
​SACWIS ​Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System
​SAIF ​State Accident Insurance Fund
​SARS ​Statewide Accounting and Reporting Section
​SAO ​Software Association of Oregon
​SASP ​State Agency for Surplus Property, federal
​SB ​Senate Bill
​SBA ​Small Business Administration
​SCD ​State Controller's Division
​SCR ​Summary Cross Reference
​SC ​Service Contract
​SCS ​Shared Client Services
​SDC ​State Data Center: can refer to the data center building or the  
program, which is now known as Enterprise Technology Services
​SEA ​Service Educational Activity, federal
​SEAT ​State Employment Application Tips
​SEFA ​Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards
​SEIU ​Service Employees International Union
​SFMA ​Statewide Financial Management Application
​SFMS ​Statewide Financial Management Services
​SitLead ​Situational Leadership
​SLA ​Service Level Agreement
​SLI ​Strategic Learning Initiative
​SME ​Subject Matter Expert
​SMP ​Salem Motor Pool
Safety Operations Council
​State of Oregon Enterprise Network
​SOP ​Statement of Proposal
Standard Operating Procedure
​SOW ​Statement of Work
Scope of Work
​SPA ​Secure Payment Administrator
​SPO ​State Procurement Office
​SPOC ​Single Point of Contact
​SPR ​Strategic Planning and Review
​SQL ​Standard Query Language
​SRIP ​State Recruitment Improvement Project
​SSD ​State Services Division
Now known as: Enterprise Technology Services
​SSN ​Social Security Number
​STEA ​State Teacher Education Association
​STEPS ​Statewide Technical Education Program Services
Now known as: Statewide Training and Development Services
​SUV ​Sport Utility Vehicle
​SV ​State Vehicle
​SWARM ​Statewide Account Receivable Managment
​SWLI ​Statewide Wellness Leadership Initiative
​SWOT ​Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
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​TC ​Transaction Code (profile 28A & 28B)
​TD&R ​Training, Development & Recruitment
​TDS ​Training & Development Specialist (could be TDS1 or TDS2)
​TID ​ Turn in Documents
​TIFF ​Tag(ged) Image File Format
​TIN ​Tax Identification Number
​TL ​Tax Lot
​TPPS ​Transportation, Purchasing and Print Services
Now known as: State Services Division
​Ts & Cs ​Terms & Conditions
​TS ​TeamSite
​TSA ​Transportation Security Administration, federal
​TSC ​The former Technology Support Center is now known as 
the DAS IT Help Desk 
​TSO ​Time Share Option
Telephone Service Order
​TSUG ​TeamSite User Group
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​UNL ​Unleaded Vehicle Fuel
​UPS ​United Parcel Service
​URL ​Uniform Resource Locator
​USERRA ​Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
​USPS ​United States Postal Service
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​VCAF ​Vendor Collected Administration Fee
​VFE ​Virtual Format Editor
​VIP ​Vendor Information Program
​VP ​Voucher Payable
​VSR ​Vendor Sales Report (associated with VCAF)
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​WBE ​Women-Owned Business Enterprise
​WC ​Workers' Compensation
​WO ​Work Order
​WOA ​Work Order Authorization
​WOC ​Work Order Contract
Work Out of Class
​WSCA ​Western States Contracting Alliance
​WYSIWYG ​What You See Is What You Get
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​YEC ​Year End Close


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