Two pilot programs were written into law in 2018 with the passage of Senate Bill 1565
  1. 30% Weighted price evaluation.
  2. Reverse auction pilot.

30% Weighted price evaluation pilot

This pilot requires state contracting agencies advertising a procurement on or after January 1, 2019, and before January 2, 2020, to weight contract price at no less than 30% in the final evaluation.

The pilot applies to all state contracting agencies, even those not under DAS procurement authority. It affects Request for Proposals (RFP) that meet the following criteria:
• Issued under ORS 279B.060, and
• Issued under OAR 125-247-0260 or 137-047-0260 — 0261.

Mandatory reporting 

All state contracting agencies that issue an RFP under ORS 279B.060 during the pilot timeframe of January 1, 2019 — January 2, 2020, must report all RFP price and score information to DAS. This reporting is necessary in order to capture accurate pricing statistics. DAS will use the statistics to prepare pilot results for the Governor's Office and Legislature.

How to report

After the RFP closes and a contract is awarded, use the online reporting form to enter price and score information for each proposal evaluated. Entries are due on a quarterly basis but can be entered sooner if desired.
​Online reporting form →

Waiver option

The agency director or other delegated authority may waive the 30% weighted price evaluation  requirement. If DAS is soliciting on behalf of the agency, please consult with the assigned DAS Buyer when considering the waiver option. While it's always the final decision of the requesting agency director or other delegated authority, the DAS Buyer will consult with the agency on the recommended procurement approaches and strategies, including the use of waivers. Waivers must be approved by the agency director or other delegated authority before the RFP is finalized and advertised on ORPIN.

Waiver steps

  1. Download and complete the recommended waiver form. Print it and get director or other delegated authority approval and signature.
  2. Keep the approved paper copy of the waiver form in the procurement file.
  3. After the contract is awarded, refer back to the paper waiver form and:
    • Click on “online reporting form” to report on the RFP that used a waiver and the reason for use. During this online reporting, you’ll also be required to fill out additional information on the RFP price and score.
If DAS is doing the procurement on an agency's behalf:
  1. Consult with DAS Buyer on possible need for a waiver.
  2. If it’s determined that a waiver is needed, download and complete the recommended waiver form. Print it and get director or other delegated authority approval and signature.
  3. Keep a copy of the approved waiver form in the agency procurement file, and then forward the original to the assigned DAS Buyer.
  4. DAS will report the waiver on your agency's behalf after the contract is awarded.

Recommended waiver form → ​Online reporting form →

Reverse auction pilot

This pilot requires DAS to apply an electronic auction process to at least 10 procurements under ORS 279B with an anticipated price of $150,000 or more. This pilot is in effect for the calendar year of 2019. A DAS workgroup is implementing the pilot and will report results to the Joint Committee on Information Management and Technology (JCLIMT) by December 31, 2019.