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Need legal advice?

Finding an attorney

Although the Ombuds team can provide information about workers’ compensation and workplace safety and health processes and can help to resolve some issues, we cannot give you legal advice.

We encourage you to seek legal help if:

  • The insurer denies your claim and you are thinking of appealing.
  • You are considering a claim settlement.
  • You have a dispute that may result in a loss or reduction of your benefits.
  • You are requesting a reconsideration of a Notice of Closure
  • Are experiencing workplace retaliation, harassment, or discrimination

If your issue pertains to workers’ compensation, you may want to consult with an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation. You can find an attorney for a free consultation through the Yellow Pages or online. You also can contact the Oregon State Bar Lawyer Referral Service at 503-684-3763, 800-452-7636 (toll-free), or

Note: The $35 referral fee does not apply to workers’ compensation cases.

For representation for a workplace safety and health complaint, or workplace retaliation, harassment, or discrimination, please contact us for resource information.

Attorney fees

If you get an attorney for a workers’ compensation issue, you do not have to pay attorney fees. However, you may have to pay some costs (costs for records, fees for experts/witnesses, etc.). The insurer will reimburse these costs up to a maximum amount only if you win your case.

The attorney receives no attorney fee unless they successfully gets the insurer to accept a denied claim or gets an increase in your compensation. If the attorney successfully gets a denied claim accepted, the insurer pays the attorney’s fee. If the attorney gets an increase in your compensation, the attorney’s fee may be paid from that increase in compensation. Ask your attorney about the payment of attorney fees and other costs at your consultation.

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