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​​​For Partners, Providers, Contractors, Volunteers, Students and other non-state Affiliates

Workday Learning replaced iLearnOregon on June 16, 2021. To continue taking state-offered trainings for licensure, continuing education, job requirements and more you'll need to create a Workday Learning account. Note that partners in Workday Learning are referred to as Extended Enterprise Learners.

Create your Workday Learning account

Follow the steps in this job aid to create an Extended Exterprise Learner Account in Workday. After your account is created, you will be able to take state-offered training.

Learn about Workday Learning

This self-guided training, Your Workday Learning Accountprovides an overview of the most commonly used features in Workday Learning including how to access learning assigned to you, enroll in courses and other commonly used functions.

Find your way around Workday 

At the end of October, Workday will have a new look and feel to it’s homepage. If it’s been a while since you’ve been on Workday, the first page you arrive at after logging in will look different. But not to worry – the rest of the site still looks the same. Take a look at this job aid to help you learn the new navigation in Workday and get to your Learning app so you can register for and take classes.​

Transfer iLearn training records to Workday Learning

Once your Workday Learning account is created, you can choose to have your iLearn training records transferred to Workday Learning. To request this transfer, log into your Workday account, click the Helpful Links icon and then click the link Transfer records from iLearnOregon to Workday Request to complete the request form. Please allow up to 10 business days to process your request.

Reset your password

If you have forgotten your Workday password, use this self-service proc​ess to reset it​.

Self-reported training

If you have completed training outside of Oregon's Workday system, use this job aid to record that training in Workday​.

Not using Workday Learning and want your iLearn records?

If you are not using Workday Learning and would like a copy of your iLearn training records, request a digital copy of your transcript history. Please allow up to 10 business days to process your request.

Advanced support

If you need support in addition to the solutions above contact your office’s Workday Affiliation Manager. If they are not available,​ consider the following agency-specific options*. These advanced support options can help if your self-service password reset doesn't work right, if you forget the answers to your security questions or other Workday Learning related issues.

Agency   Contact 
Oregon Department of  Human Services 
Oregon Health Authority 
If you have questions about training you need to take, please contact your manager or your agency's program contact.

*Please only contact the support option who works with your agency. The other option won't be able to help you.