Child Welfare Providers and Partners

​​​​Invoicing and Payment

Invoice Limitations

  • The sort and sync functions of the invoice are inoperable in the versions of Excel 2003 and earlier.
  • These earlier versions are not recommended, as they are no longer supported by Microsoft and pose a security risk. (Microsoft Office 365 can be obtained for $99/year for 5-user version.)
  • Using Excel 2003 and earlier versions still allow the other functionality to be utilized, and can still be used to enter and submit payment requests.
  • Remember that submitting your invoice using the standardized Excel invoice, and submitting it as an Excel file will be critical in helping us expedite your payments.

Web resources

IRS form W-9

New providers will be required to submit the W-9 form, prior to contract execution, to: Provider Support

Background check requirements

ODHS contractors must adhere to requirements for background checks as described in OAR407-007-0200 through 407-007-0370​.

What you need to know

Vendor information: Doing business with DHS

If issues arise, contact your Contract Administrator to discuss resolution.

Critical sections of the contract to review prior to signing are:

  • Contractor Name
    • Common issues:
      • Contract written with incorrect legal name
      • Discrepancy between contractor name and registered Tax ID
  • Statement of Work
    • Common issues:
      • Statement of Work should accurately reflect agreed service, reporting, and invoicing requirements.
      • Payment rates should match the terms negotiated.
  • Insurance requirements
    • Common issues:
      • Contract language does not match insurance industry standards.
      • Contract insurance requirements exceed current coverage.​​

Provider and Client Rights