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Careers that make a dif​ference in the lives of Oregon's youth

Are you passionate about engaging families and protecting children? Join our team!

​The Oregon Department of Human Services is looking for dedicated people who want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Oregon’s most vulnerable children and families. Our Child Welfare Program needs your help to better protect children and engage parents and families to make positive, permanent changes in their circumstances and lives. If you have what it takes, we encourage you to apply!

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Careers at ODHS Child Welfare

Review job descriptions and watch videos below to learn more about a few of our job openings currently available in ODHS Child Welfare Offices across Oregon.

​Search the Oregon Job Op​portunities site to view all job openings.​

Hotline Screener

Screeners respond to reports of safety concerns. Screeners determine appropriate levels of response and interventions including protective, family support and other community services. Our hotline receives more than 600 calls within any 24-hour period.

Child Protective Services Worker

Child Protective Service caseworkers investigate reports of safety concerns for Oregon's children and families. This includes conducting child safety assessments of alleged child abuse or neglect, evaluating whether a child has been or is currently at risk of being harmed and, if needed, determining appropriate services to ensure child safety.


Certifiers work to identify and certify relative resource parents, resource parents and adoptive parents across all ethnic and cultural groups. This work includes home studies, interviewing and evaluating appropriateness of substitute care placements when children are unable to live safely at home.

Permanency Worker

Permanency caseworkers specialize in working with children, families, resource parents to ensure children are safe in their homes. This includes assuring a child's physical, psychological and social well-being with the goal of reuniting families or finding alternate, permanent plans when necessary.


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Intereste​d in becoming a resource parent? 

Please visit Every Child Oregon.​​​​​​