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The Vision for Transformation​​ emphasizes that our work is centered on supporting, preserving and strengthening families. The Oregon Child Welfare Division's collaboration with family-serving partners, like you, is critical in providing services to families and ensuring the foundation for thriving communities. Partnerships can sustain successful approaches, identify thoughtful solutions, and create noticeable improvements in the lives of Oregon children and families.

We encourage you to connect with us and become part of the transformation.

​Community Voice

Believe in wonder - sidewalk chalk drawingIn honor of November - National Adoption Month, Bridge ​Meadows and Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center​ (ORPARC) partnered to host a festive book release party for Belie​ve in Wonder's newest book, The Pawsons ​Celebrate. Believe in Wonder is the talented author-illustrator duo of Brian & Josie Parker, who reside at Bridge Meadows Beaverton's multigenerational living community. As ODHS adoptive parents of two wonderful sons (fondly called Chief Inspiration Officers), it is not surprising that foster care adoption topics feature in their stories. The Parkers are working hard to create books that celebrate diverse characters of color! Believe in Wonder books are accessible for ODHS families, partners and staff in ORPARC's free lib​rary.

Honored guests at the event included ODHS Child Welfare Deputy Director Aprille Flint-Gerner, who was amazed at the show of talent, District 16 DM Rolanda Garcia, ODHS staff, and representatives from the Beaverton Mayor's office, Beaverton Library and State of Oregon Library. The audience was treated to a sneak peek of the coming ORPARC-sponsored documentary short starring Believe in Wonder:​2qe7GYrTVU

What literary wonders will this creative family release next?! We can't wait to find out.

Previous Community Voice partner highlights available in each edition of the Community Connections newsletter.​

Vision for Transformation​​​​

Across the state, the Child Welfare Division is putting the Vision for Transformation into Action.​

Heart to Soles logo with picture of tennis shoes In 2017, Bryan McMullin and Micah Sis​cho decided to start Heart to Soles to give back to their community which includes Polk, Yamhill and Marion counties (District 3). They do this by providing shoes for children in care. Partnering with ODHS and Boys & Girls Club, Heart to Soles held an “Unboxing Day” June 5 for children and young people in foster care. It’s called an “Unboxing Day” because in sneaker culture when you get a new pair of shoes, you are unboxing them. Read the full story about​ Heart to Soles Unboxing Day​​.

​​Skye HopkinsSkye Hopkins, a permanency caseworker for Child Welfare Division's Hillsboro office, has been honored with the Tom Moan Award, celebrating her work with children and families in Washington County. She specializes in helping families navigate services and finding permanent support for children. Learn more about Sk​ye's work and the statewide Tom Moan Award.​


​​Community Connectio​ns

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Child Welfare Community Chat from 3-4 p.m. Pacific, Jan. 18, 2023. We will share Child Welfare's 2022 highlights and answer questions. To get information on how to join and submit questions in advance, please register.  ​

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