​​Also see: AFH Training Credit Approval​​ and Approved Continuing Education​
American Heart Association
CPR /First Aid Training
American Red Cross
CPR /First Aid Training
Approved Continuing Education
To satisfy AFH training requirements for your license, the class must be approved for your license/provider type.
Caregiver Preparatory Training Study Guide
This study guide will give the caregiver a basic understanding of the care issues and responsibilities involved in providing adult foster care.
Caregiver Preparatory Training Workbook
This workbook was designed to provide the licensee with written documentation to understand the concepts and procedures found in the Adult Foster Home Caregiver Preparatory Training Study Guide.
Ensuring Quality Care (EQC) Student Policies
List of Ensuring Quality Care (EQC) student policies
EQC training materials and other resources
List of Ensuring Quality Care (EQC) training materials and resources
Find an Ensuring Quality Care (EQC) class
Ensuring Quality Care (EQC) for Adult Foster Home Providers is a required basic training for all licensees, resident managers and shift caregivers who intend to own, operate or work in Aging and Physically Disabled (APD)-licensed adult foster homes.
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Safe Adult Foster Home Care Video
Watch AFH Fire Life Safety Training Video, then go to iLearn to take the quiz. Click here to take the quiz.​